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Your Top Questions About VS-01™, Answered

We just launched VS-01™: Seed’s first vaginal care product, and a major advancement for vaginal health. Whenever science moves forward, questions inevitably follow—and we have answers.

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Last month, we launched VS-01™: Seed’s first vaginal care product, and a major leap forward for vaginal health.

Born from 15+ years of leading vaginal microbiome research from the lab of renowned microbiome scientist Dr. Jacques Ravel, VS-01™ is the first vaginal suppository formulated with three proprietary Lactobacillus crispatus strains clinically validated to restore a healthy vaginal microbiome, sustain regulated vaginal pH, and be safe for long-term use.

Whenever science moves forward, questions inevitably follow—and we have answers. 

We tapped our SciCare community to shed light on the five most common VS-01™ questions coming in from the Seed-verse. 

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How does VS-01™ work?

At the most basic level, VS-01™ tablets work by delivering live probiotic strains (and the nutrients and molecules they need to thrive) to your vagina.

Now, let’s break that down a bit. The vaginal microbiome (VMB) is the dynamic, evolving ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and more that lives in your vagina and acts as the foundation of gynecological, urogenital, and reproductive health.1,2 

However, day-to-day life (think: menstruation, sexual activity, and certain medications and cleansers) can disrupt the VMB, leaving it susceptible to imbalances and unwanted issues.2 

Scientific discoveries over the past two decades have demonstrated that the most stable, resilient vaginal environments are dominated by a single “super defender” bacterial species: Lactobacillus crispatus.3 Select L. crispatus strains produce lactic acid to maintain a moderately acidic pH and are protective against specific foes, allowing beneficial microbes to thrive.4

While most available solutions for gynecological issues target only symptoms (and can pave the way for further disturbances), VS-01™ addresses them at their source.

VS-01™ is formulated with three proprietary strains of L. crispatus identified from over 600 candidates for their genetic superiority and strong association with vaginal microbiome stability and resilience.

VS-01™ begins with a one-month “Reset” of six vaginal synbiotic tablets to rapidly establish an optimal vaginal microbiome. The protocol continues with “Sustain”—a two-tablet ongoing monthly protocol to maintain a stable vaginal microbiome and regulate pH. 

VS-01™ Evidence-Based Benefits at a Glance: 

  • Rapidly restores a healthy/optimal vaginal microbiome
  • Restores the healthy balance of vaginal microflora
  • Protects against pH disruptions
  • Maintains optimal/regulated vaginal pH
  • Maintains a resilient vaginal microbiome
  • Is safe, tolerable, and non-disruptive

Do I take VS-01™ orally?

VS-01™ tablets have been intentionally designed as a vaginal suppository, not an oral capsule or pill. That’s because there is no direct route for oral probiotics to positively impact or modify the vaginal microbiome. (In other words—and this is Anatomy 101—there is no way for anything you ingest by mouth to make it through your body to your vagina.)

We tested multiple candidate formulations to discern the most effective delivery method and the results are pretty clear: In our randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, VS-01™’s SMART Tablet™ rapidly converted 90% of participants to an optimal vaginal microbiome in 21 days compared to both a leading oral probiotic for vaginal health and placebo.5

If you’ve never used a vaginal suppository before, the process is straightforward. Simply place a VS-01™ tablet securely into the applicator provided, insert it into your vagina as far as comfortably possible, and push the inner tube towards you to release, just like you would a tampon.

Can I have sex while using VS-01™?

The quick and dirty: Yes, you can be sexually active while using VS-01™. 

That said, we do recommend abstaining from sexual intercourse for 12 hours after inserting a VS-01™ tablet; this will allow the tablet enough time to dissolve completely.

A toxicology review demonstrated no health concerns for oral consumption of VS-01™ ingredients; so, that’s a green light on receiving oral sex following insertion.

Can I expect any side effects or discharge after taking VS-01™?

All bodies (and vaginas!) are different, so your experience taking VS-01™ will be singular to you. That said, it can take up to 24 hours for the VS-01™ tablet to fully dissolve, so you may experience some increased discharge within this window.

Additionally, when first starting VS-01™, you might experience a temporary acclimation period that can include mild to moderate vaginal irritation, pelvic cramps, and abdominal discomfort—all of which will vary depending on the individual and should resolve quickly.

In our clinical trial, the highest occurrence of side effects happened in about 2.5% of participants.5 However, these adverse events were consistent with those reported in the placebo group.

As always, if you do have any concerns, we suggest talking with a physician who is knowledgeable about your complete health history.

Can I take VS-01™ and DS-01® together?

Yes! It’s perfectly safe to take DS-01® Daily Synbiotic for gut immune function and whole-body health while using VS-01™ Vaginal Synbiotic for an optimal vaginal microbiome.

You don’t need to worry about any functional redundancy (overlaps) when taking these two together. These products were formulated for distinct and unique benefits, so the right one(s) for you depends on your body and your needs.

We receive and answer questions like these every day. Stay tuned for more SciCare roundups on Cultured. If you have any questions of your own, email us at


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