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Seed is a life science and consumer health company focused on the microbiome and its undeniable potential in shaping the future of human and planetary health.

We’re seeking kindred dot-connectors to join our ecosystem of leading microbiome scientists, doctors, storytellers, designers, artists, filmmakers, poets, and translators. Come redefine health with us, 634 steps from the beach in sunny Venice, California.

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Packaging Design + Operations • Contract

1 month contract, with opportunity to extend

You love materials. You love our planet. You thrive in the tension of creating packaging that speaks to both. Making a beautiful thing is table-stakes, what matters is the future of that thing—what it does and where it goes. You can recite the differences between industrial and home composting, are a phone book for sustainable materials, and spend your free time thinking about what happens to yogurt containers now that China is no longer interested in taking our #5 plastic. In an era of rampant greenwashing, you believe in pushing the boundaries of what ‘sustainable’ actually means.

2019 is ushering in an expansion of our product pipeline, as well as a broadening of our markets. That means evolving our single product into a brand and information system that can scale across ecomm, retail, practitioner platforms, international, and more. You’re down to collaborate closely with our creative and operations teams to design, manage, and implement this next phase of growth.

Who you are:

  • 3+ years of professional design experience preferably with print and brand development
  • Expert: Graphic & Industrial Design
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • SketchUp, C4D, or relevant CAD software
  • Comfortable with the project management involved in packaging sampling and operations
  • Ability to maintain highest quality designs, appropriate timelines, and address budgetary needs
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Marketing Coordinator

A touchpoint is a touchpoint is a touchpoint. Everything from the care label on a sweatshirt to an email signature to an event venue to a party favor to our day one employee welcome kit is an opportunity to weave brand storytelling into the Seed experience.

Marketing touches literally everything. So will you. Every campaign, new product launch, merch drop, piece of collateral, and other thing going out into the world happens because you keep it all coordinated, tracked, Google Doc’d, CRM software’d, Keynote’d. No task too small, no campaign too big. You make sure the production and execution and reporting of our big ideas are taken care of down to the microscopic details.

This is the role where you’ll learn and touch every aspect of marketing—how email links to web and web drives to social and social creates influence and influence circles back to web and vice versa and how the good stuff happens when all channels sing. You are a producer. Your references will say you just “get sh*t done and leave no i undotted”. You understand that a creative idea is nothing without precise execution.

But most of all, you seek higher purpose in what you do. This isn’t marketing for the sake of marketing. We’re trojan-horsing curiosity and biology and knowledge through memes, gifs, poems, rap, art, and fanny packs. You want to contribute first-hand to the magic and wake up every day to make science accessible and cool, and health empowering and available to all.

Who you are:

  • 2+ years experience (especially if in an educational / science / health / CPG / DTC / wellness or related space) with a deep interest in honing expertise in marketing, brand, and storytelling.
  • An unnaturally good writer and communicator. So good your friends ask you to revise love letters.
  • Highly productive, proactive, and collaborative—a natural self-starter, but not without deep thought
  • Obsessive, perhaps pathological, attention to organization and detail
  • Comfortable (and even thrive) in the ambiguity and ever-evolving needs of a startup environment
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Freelance Copywriter

We’re big on words. Words empower and steward the integrous translation of science that forms the foundation of our brand.

Writer and storyteller at heart, you create magic in the permutation of 26 letters, a handful of punctuation, and occasional, cleverly-placed emojis. You think in long form and short form and rap verses and poetry and everything in between and understand it’s about speaking to people in the way they want to be spoken to. You can get to the heart of a message in the fewest number of characters and thrive in the crafting of phrases that catalyze action. Words are powerful; you know exactly when and how to be subversive and provocative versus nurturing and expansive. You thrive in memes, haikus, hashtags, puns, metaphors and analogies—word play is your superpower. When we say TED meets Vox meets The Hustle meets Carl Sagan meets VICE, you know what we mean.

And you are curious. Pushing boundaries and buttons is your thing and you demand a new way to counterprogram against the noise (especially when it comes to science, health, and wellness). You could wake up every day with the mission to make science accessible and cool (while also fully understanding the importance of integrity and the nuance of precision). You are inspired to crack empowerment through education and turn click-bait into meaning. You have told a lot of stories, written a lot of taglines, tweets, captions, and subject lines, and you’re ready for something that satisfies and expands and peeks your intellect, your soul, and of course, your microbiome.

Who you are:

  • 3+ years experience (especially if in an educational / science / health / CPG / wellness or related space)
  • Extraordinary crafter of beautiful language
  • A steward for brand identity and voice
  • Multi-channel, multi-tasking, multi-disciplinary—experience across campaign, social, packaging, web, and email, a plus
  • Synthesis of disparate ideas to create analogies, metaphors, and other narrative devices to communicate science and inspire a community
  • You noticed the misused homophone in this job description and it bothered you deeply
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Office Manager

If we had it our way this job would be called ‘Ecosystem Architect’. This is the “you were there at the beginning and designed a humming, vibrant, efficient ecosystem” opportunity. Yes, there’s a lot of administrative stuff to be done, but how that gets done and how that creates the space for people to do their best work is critical. How you turn this into an indispensable and integral part of our success is up to you.

The way our office looks when someone walks in is marketing—it communicates that we care about our space, that we care about our team, that we understand the meaning of service. There are team lunches to plan, gifts to send, first day employee packages to put together, printers to fix, a kitchen to stock, company decisions to weigh in on, opinions to be given on the small stuff and the big stuff (and the opinions of ten of your friends because of course you asked them at your friend’s birthday dinner even though no one asked you to), culture to shape and contribute to, and a million things we’re not thinking of because you’re the one that thinks about everything, down to the last detail.

You are beyond resourceful, keep up with the latest news in the world and in our space, care about health (including yours) and are so proficient in problem-solving and all things interweb and techy, friends call you with literally any problem from relationships to iPhone syncing failures.

The team relies on you a resource and appreciates the way you go about your work. They’ve likely never experienced anything like it at anywhere else they’ve worked. We often say that in addition to our company vision, we’re working to build one of the best companies to work for in LA. Most companies hire a “you” much later. We aren’t. It’s too important to set in place processes and values—to do what we need to do, we need support.

You get joy and fulfillment from being of service in this way, but are also excited about the growth path and where this could lead. If you’re reading this and jumping up and down saying, “it’s like they were inside my brain writing this”, you should definitely reach out.

Who you are:

  • 1-3 years relevant experience
  • A “cosmos is the limit”, “out of the shipping box” mentality
  • Deep attention to detail and nimbleness in juggling cross-company tasks
  • A unquenchable fascination for ecosystem design and building a well-oiled machine
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