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Seed is a life science and consumer health company focused on the microbiome and its undeniable potential in shaping the future of human and planetary health.

We’re seeking kindred dot-connectors to join our ecosystem of leading microbiome scientists, doctors, storytellers, designers, artists, filmmakers, poets, and translators. Come redefine health with us, 634 steps from the beach in sunny Venice, California.

Seed is an equal opportunity employer. For us, diversity isn’t an HR metric—it is the result of billions of years of evolution; it’s our nature. To serve our community inclusively means to cultivate a relative abundance of perspectives, backgrounds, geographies, and experiences. Like in biology, each role and its function is key to the productivity, sustainability, and resilience of our ecosystem.

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You are responsible for executing digital ad campaigns and designing a variety of growth-focused assets including funnels, landing pages, drip campaigns, emails, and paid social assets. You will collaborate with our small but agile design team, focused on creating exciting and innovative ways to translate complex scientific and health-related concepts, as well as communicating Seed’s brand message and product differentiation to our global audience. If you are excited about the idea of designing advertising that triggers a behavioral response via visual design, you know the trends in visual advertising, and you consider yourself a social media junkie, then this is the job for you.

Who you are:

  • 2+ years of digital design experience
  • Expert knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop, including creating motion graphics using the timeline feature in Photoshop
  • Basic knowledge of video editing / GIF creation, Keynote
  • Experience executing on corporate and brand identities and respective brand guidelines
  • Extensive experience with e-commerce and growth-related design, especially landing pages, emails, and paid social assets
  • Experience creating infographic or data visualizations
  • Asset management—track changes in aspect ratios and resolutions across advertising platforms
  • Works inter-departmentally to balance the needs of the brand team and growth marketing team
  • Works with Design Director to interpret data-driven feedback provided by growth team and external partners to create a variety of options for A/B testing
  • Positive and open to feedback
  • Strong communicator
  • Curious experimenter
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The marriage of words and images is your storytelling superpower. That juxtaposition has the power to build global brands and you know how to do it. You think in marketing and cultural relevance and know when to pull the brand lever vs. the conversion lever but also believe they inform each other. While you make things look, feel, and read beautiful, you’re low-fi and scrappy and can move projects from dream to reality with technical skill and competence. A touchpoint is a touchpoint is a touchpoint; from pixels to party favors, you can weave brand magic and consistency.

Ideally, you’re a swiss army knife: comfortable working across (and unifying) many different platforms including photography, motion, digital/web, branding, landing pages, drip campaigns, emails, paid assets, experiential, packaging, art direction, etc. Maybe you dabble in motion design, set design, photography, illustration, or experiment with AR…or build plant walls…or maybe you’re just a badass specialist.

In addition to your obsession with typography and tight visual systems, you seek to improve and push the company beyond current trends—we are not looking to create yet another “millennial” startup. You could wake up every day with the mission to make science accessible and cool. Pushing boundaries and buttons as a method to counter-program against the noise (especially when it comes to science) is intriguing. You empathically know how to meet people where they are and how to bring them along for the journey. Metrics do not make your skin crawl, they inspire. In your experience, you’ve told a lot of stories, created a lot of stuff, and you’re ready for something that satisfies. You’ll be pushed outside of your comfort zone and required to work within mediums outside your typical gig.

Regardless of your background, you’ll work with the Design Director and Creative EP to push the brand forward as we launch new products, channels, markets, and partnerships.

Who you are:

  • 6+ years of professional design experience preferably with print and brand development
  • Expert: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and Figma
  • Basic knowledge of video editing / GIF creation
  • Bonus: After Effects, photography, and retouching
  • Positive, and open to feedback
  • Strong communicator
  • Curious experimenter
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We’re big on words. Words empower and steward the integrous translation of science that forms the foundation of our brand.

Writer and storyteller at heart, you create magic in the permutation of 26 letters, a handful of punctuation, and occasional, cleverly-placed emojis. You think in long form and short form and rap verses and poetry and everything in between and understand it’s about speaking to people in the way they want to be spoken to. You can get to the heart of a message in the fewest number of characters and thrive in the crafting of phrases that catalyze action. Words are powerful; you know exactly when and how to be subversive and provocative versus nurturing and expansive. You thrive in memes, haikus, hashtags, puns, metaphors and analogies—word play is your superpower. When we say TED meets Vox meets The Hustle meets Carl Sagan meets VICE, you know what we mean.

And you are curious. Pushing boundaries and buttons is your thing and you demand a new way to counterprogram against the noise (especially when it comes to science, health, and wellness). You could wake up every day with the mission to make science accessible and cool (while also fully understanding the importance of integrity and the nuance of precision). You are inspired to crack empowerment through education and turn click-bait into meaning. You have told a lot of stories, written a lot of taglines, tweets, captions, and subject lines, and you’re ready for something that satisfies and expands and peeks your intellect, your soul, and of course, your microbiome.

Who you are:

  • 3+ years experience (especially if in an educational / science / health / CPG / wellness or related space)
  • Extraordinary crafter of beautiful language
  • A steward for brand identity and voice
  • Multi-channel, multi-tasking, multi-disciplinary—experience across campaign, social, packaging, web, and email, a plus
  • Synthesis of disparate ideas to create analogies, metaphors, and other narrative devices to communicate science and inspire a community
  • You noticed the misused homophone in this job description and it bothered you deeply
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You see the matrix across ecommerce, consumer insights, digital, regulatory, channel and pricing strategy, P+L, growth, and (ideally) omnichannel international distribution—and possess a unique ability to orchestrate how they all connect to create value. From growing a digital ecommerce subscription brand from 20MM to 250MM+, to spearheading new channels, to launching retail distribution and expansion in APAC—you’ve seen and done it all, and now you’re ready to apply your hybrid URL / IRL expertise to disrupt the fastest growing category in consumer health.

You’ve made your mark in a vertical applicable to ours—whether in OTC, probiotics, skin care, oral care, nutrition, or other health-related CPG. You’re subscribed to the latest in global health, consumer, and retail trends, you’re curious about evolving business models (versus simply dumping all our dollars into Facebook acquisition), and you believe it’s critical for US brands to lay international infrastructure early—because being in China will change everything. You are a systems thinker who embraces first principles and possesses a sixth sense of why some brands win and others don't. You question everything—legacy strategies, assumptions about consumer behavior, and ways of doing things—and are often asked if someone can “pick your brain.”

You constantly have your finger on the pulse of our metrics (thanks to the innovative dashboard you’ll create), while your brain is calculating a hundred ways, from macro to micro and cross-functionally with product and supply chain teams, to execute against a 6, 12, 18, and 24-month strategy and roadmap with aggressive goals.

You develop innovative partnership structures, obsess over user journeys, think as deeply about retention as you do acquisition, become an expert in new areas two hours before a conference call, and make decks and run internal communications in a way that both inspires awe and commands alignment. You’ve successfully built and managed teams across ecommerce, retail and sales, growth, retention, CRM / email, partnerships, affiliate, and customer care; and have collaborated extensively with brand marketing and creative teams to scale with intention and integrity.

And despite the volume of opportunity, you are a ruthless prioritizer, sprint runner, and project manager at the highest level. You take a “the magic is in the details” approach to all that you do, and can simultaneously hold a stratospheric view while rolling up your sleeves to do the thing. You are the hire that our investors will say was a clear inflection point in our business.

Who you are:

  • 10+ years experience with extensive mastery of ecommerce and growth / digital marketing and operations, ideally in a health / CPG space.
  • International experience (especially APAC) is a big plus.
  • You love to rapidly grow a healthy and sustainable business.
  • You embody ownership and execution at all levels.
  • You know the ins and outs of an ecommerce tech stack.
  • You are an extraordinary synthesizer and translator, able to find the compelling point for partners and channels around the world.
  • You loathe stagnancy and mediocrity. You find efficiencies in everything.
  • You are collaborative and good at gleaning the right inputs and asking the right questions, but nothing stalls because of what you get done on your own.
  • You build foundational systems and processes quickly.
  • You understand cultural nuance and how to work across the world.
  • You pride yourself on personally making an impact on a business’ trajectory.
  • Your past employers and teammates will say, “I don’t know if you can get [insert your name], but if you do, this will be the most impactful hire you ever make.”
  • Lastly, and most importantly, you are insatiably curious, kind and empathic with an unrivaled work ethic. Your worldview is not insular, but expansive. You are ready to do something meaningful and impactful. And above all, you love to learn and get sh*t done.
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(Contract to Full-Time)

As the Director of People and Culture, recruiting and cultivating a diverse and extraordinary team is just table stakes—you will also steward cultural growth, osmosis, and adaptation within our ecosystem, inspiring conversation, question-asking, experimentation, and action so we may nudge the world forward bit by bit, each day. Your work feels both human and individual, while considering and evolving our collective. You will steward the implementation of frameworks, ideas, and communication across the team without introducing the tenor of bureaucracy and performative box-checking, nor diluting (but preserving and amplifying) our startup magic. You have a long-term view and evocative definition of what sustainability means within an organization.

You are a true thought partner to our Co-Founders and will determine how our Why + Values are transmitted and integrated. For internal communications, you understand the medium is the message—that what and when information is communicated and how it catalyzes dialogue in a fast-growing company is often as important as the content. In your essence, you are a community builder—of both thriving individuals and how those dots connect to form a resilient company. One doesn’t happen without the other.

You know that building an inclusive ecosystem means cultivating a relative abundance of perspectives, backgrounds, geographies, and experiences. To do this, you don’t simply recruit—you seek those that add complexity, richness, and diversity to our team. You are well-versed in the science of implicit and unconscious bias, as well as the thought leadership in these disciplines. To you, recruitment isn’t about box-checking or the right search terms on LinkedIn. You will help us seek out remarkable talent, and you will reimagine the candidate experience so each person leaves thinking “Wow, I’ve never experienced such a memorable interview process.”

You’ll incorporate a 360 view of each recruit’s journey both culturally and corporately, and you will define each step humanistically—from onboarding to offboarding, from the 30 minute introduction to the offer letter, and from a team member’s first day to their last. Importantly, and perhaps too often overlooked: you are the master of creating a meaningful rejection experience, because the human you don’t hire today is someone who has touched our company—an experience that ripples outwards.

We aspire to invoke humanism and clarity of action in each touch point of our culture. The Scientific Method guides our mindset of experimentation, observation, and iteration. It is persistent, curious, and open-minded, but deeply meticulous and exact. Just like there are no shortcuts to health, there are no shortcuts to learning. Education empowers better choices for the health of ourselves, our community, and our company. You will remind us to inquire before we choose, and learn before we judge. You will lead by example and inspire each of us to operate with empathy and accountability. You will promote company culture in a way that goes deeper than performative taglines, posters on the wall, and policies communicated at all company meetings. To do this, you’ll set up processes that actively denounce racism, injustice, hate, and inequality (both visible and invisible), and proactively evoke inspiration and agency. This is vital to our fight for an equitable and just society.

Using ‘first principles,’ you will build a robust employee experience that uniquely supports our nimble group of Superorganisms1. You will help us create infrastructure for growth and meaning behind titles, as well as merit behind compensation. You will develop new processes and tools that do not feel like company work, but human work. You will support the behavioral wellness of the team, offering resources to take care of their physical, mental, and emotional health. You will implement a structure from which employee feedback is circulated to management in a constructive, thoughtful way. You will structure and program how we show up in nature, how we meet as a company in small groups, and how our All Microbes meetings and ‘offsites’ can be most impactful. Think of yourself as the guardian of the internal member experience, the champion of the collective, and the UX designer for the osmosis, acclimation, and adaptation into and of our ecosystem.

Your network also includes a wide range and diverse group of individuals that you can call on to amplify our values and goals, as well as expand perspectives for our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board, which you will oversee. As the leader of the DEI activities, you will implement thoughtful, empowering, and unprecedented programming for our team. You will organize informal and formal group discussions, backed by well-studied methods proven to foster a safe space for employees to be honest, non-judgemental, and kind to each other. You will gently nudge us towards confronting the uncomfortable aspects of our own biases and unintentional microaggressions, in order to maintain and deepen the culture of inclusivity within our ecosystem. Without honest conversations, there can be no forward progress, but we need your leadership to provide a framework and to hold us accountable to facing hard truths and our own shortcomings. Actively recruiting a diverse group of humans means nothing, after all, if those individuals don’t feel accepted and included within the collective.

Nurturing a thriving internal ecosystem also means guiding us in how we show up in our communities to engage, give back, empower, and learn. You will organize ongoing partnerships of giving to important nonprofits and community organizations, and define avenues for us to support locally owned businesses that align with the DEI Board’s mission and scope of work. Internally, you will work with our Marketing + Social departments in the ongoing process of auditing our social media channels, affiliates, campaigns and partnerships—and you will contribute to deepening those efforts. You will also engage with our R+D team in the active recruitment of a diverse scientific forum, and you will dive into our operational structures and partners to ensure that our values and action plans are aligned.

Then there’s data. You’ll generate comprehensive analyses of our internal company metrics, you’ll distribute internal listening tools, and you’ll gather feedback with a precise yet thoughtful approach. Most importantly, you will be forthright in assessing the status of our inclusion efforts and regularly provide status updates to management. You will perform analysis in performance review, promotion, and compensation equity within our company so that our mission to fight for an equitable and just society is actioned across all pathways internally and externally.

Who you are:

  • You are an exceptional listener and communicator across all mediums, who understands that it is as much about what you don’t say as it is about what you do say
  • You possess extraordinary interpersonal and written communication skills, as well as a collaborative engagement style; you are inherently patient, calm, non-judgemental, and can empathize with a variety of viewpoints
  • You have gold-standard experience in recruitment, talent development, and retention, as well as organizational development, employment law, and compensation
  • 5+ years of experience in leading People + Culture for organizations that are known for their positive company culture, employee retention, and satisfaction
  • You have expert and quantified experience in implementing diversity, inclusion, and equity strategies for high-growth startups
  • Bonus points if you have a social science background and an understanding of the intersection between science and health
  • You are trained in data collection, analysis, and development of internal company metrics, with the ability to translate into strategy
  • You are actively engaged with a thoughtfully cultivated, diverse network of individuals and organizations who can support our company culture with informative, growth-inducing workshops and team programming and resources
  • You embody ownership and execution at all levels
  • You build foundational systems and processes quickly and thoughtfully
  • You are educated in and understand the cultural nuances of a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and identities—and you define diversity beyond race, including but not limited to sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, sex/gender identity, religion, education level, and household status (i.e. working parent or caretaker)
  • You love to learn—the more you learn about our science and our work, the more integrated your work will be
  • Lastly, and most importantly, you are insatiably curious, kind, and empathic with an unrivaled work ethic. Your worldview is not insular, but expansive—you are ready to do something meaningful and impactful


Scientific Definition: A complex system consisting of a large number of individual organisms that function together to behave as if it were an ecosystem and to gain a biological advantage.

Seed Translation: A curious and inquisitive, perspective-shifting organism, who questions relentlessly, thinks differently, takes the time to understand holistically, and believes everything is connected. An activist for the bettering of humanity and our planet. Sometimes referred to as: ‘a person who lives scientifically’.

In other words, you.

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Research + Development

You have meticulous, borderline obsessive, attention to detail and understand how hundreds of small moving parts contribute to the overall success of a project. You loathe inertia and are particularly skilled at taking a high level milestone and working with the key team members to chart out a path forward, step by step, to keep momentum moving. You treat the coordination of research, development, production, scale-up, and testing like an art form with the perfect balance of wisdom, experience, strategic vision, urgency, and judgement. Nothing ever falls between the cracks and even if a project is temporarily deprioritized, it’s never lost. The world doesn’t always value project management enough. Fortunately, we do.

You also understand the medium is the message; communication (stand-ups, emails, Asana tasks, how meetings are structured, etc.) and the tools we use to communicate—are the difference between OK coordination and the ability to achieve more than we can dream up with a lean, productive team.

Ideally, you have direct experience overseeing projects as part of a small core team with aggressive timelines within the life sciences industry (but we are not myopic and believe if the first two paragraphs sing to you, you wouldn’t hesitate to apply). You have managed and streamlined processes with research, operations teams, and leadership teams, and have had to think about every aspect of a project, most importantly the prioritization of time, and how the needs of one project impact another. While proficiency is important, you’re comfortable pushing things along with known uncertainties and have a process to quickly and reproducibly integrate key data points as they emerge.

You are resourceful, solve problems, and anticipate them before they even arise. You pride yourself on translating abstraction into order. You can run sprints across teams and infuse a sense of urgency into each minute of the work day. Every single meeting has an agenda circulated and a follow-up email ready to go within minutes of wrapping up—and most importantly these touch points do not feel administrative but an opportunity to surprise and delight each step of the way. At times, your email may be the best crafted and most memorable in an external partner or scientist’s inbox that day.

At all times you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening across research and development. At a high level, you can look at where we’re headed and what will scale and right up close, can see what needs to be done to deliver on even the smallest deliverable. No detail too small and no part of the dream too big.

What you’ll do:

  • Manage each project from ideation to execution including scoping out deliverables, requirements gathering, development, execution and quality assurance
  • Project manage scientific milestones including but not limited to paper publications, technical decks, clinical trials, regulatory filings, and scale-up
  • Ensure R+D documents are tracked, integrated, updated, and intuitively organized in Google Drive. Capture weekly progress to ensure Drive is up-to-date and always ready for diligence
  • Work directly with the leadership team to define the scope of work and plan for each project
  • Coordinate external team and track progress between weekly meetings with scientists. Facilitate and manage all communication between internal team members and methodically organize weekly progress across all R+D into action items and priorities for integration into Asana
  • Proactively tackle potential questions, delays or conflicts and communicate status updates to the Director of R+D and CEOs
  • Own scheduling for project kick off meetings and facilitate regular internal review meetings to correspond to timelines
  • Document change orders, meeting notes, weekly status updates and project timelines
  • Follow/create new project flow procedures to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Identify opportunities to improve process
  • Track projects through the workflow process and update across the team in relation to meeting deadlines and next step
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