is connected.

Microbes inspire a closer look at the invisible and interdependent connections that are often hard to see.


Internal Ecosystem
Internal Ecosystem

For us, sustainability encompasses more than the environment—an ethos that focuses as much on innovations in packaging as cultivating a resilient ecosystem of people working towards a shared mission.

We think in systems—from our practices to our products. We embrace progress in place of perfection and challenge ourselves to expand what “sustainable” can mean.

Materials Catalogue

With the self-awareness that we do produce and manufacture, we actively seek materials and processes to lessen this impact. And in this pursuit of better design and novel material science, we use this interdisciplinary collaboration from diverse areas of research around the world as a model for how many of our environmental challenges may be solved.

Each component of our Sustainable Refill Systems is designed to protect your synbiotics and be gentler on our Earth.

Biodegradable Algae Paper

Recyclable shipping boxes constructed from ecological paper made from algae that would otherwise damage fragile marine ecosystems. Recycle.

Biodegradable PaperFoam

Bio-based trays produced energy-efficiently and formed with starch, natural fibers, and water. Recycle or compost.

Refillable Glass Jar and Travel Vial

Glass container and travel vial kept for monthly refills and ease of travel. Recycle or repurpose.

Refillable Aluminum Bactrac™ Container

Aluminum BacTrac™ container designed for monthly PDS-08® refills is lightweight and designed for daily tracking. Recycle or repurpose.


Biofilm sachets designed to protect from oxygen and moisture. Industrial compost.


Inspired by our belief that health is not just human, our research encompasses ecologies beyond the body. We founded SeedLabs to partner in collaboration with kindred innovators to develop novel applications of bacteria to enhance biodiversity and recover ecosystems impacted by human activity.

Carbon Negative Program

We are carbon negative. Through our audit partner, The Carbon Accounting Company, and offset parter, Patch, we invest in programs that both offset carbon and offer measurable, positive impact on their surrounding ecosystems and communities.

Biomaterials + Packaging Innovation

Collaborating with innovators from around the world and in interdisciplinary industries, we continuously research and test unique applications of novel materials. And as biomaterial research advances, our material choices—from design to packaging—are constantly evolving.

How We Work

As a growing company, we incessantly pursue ways to work, collaborate, communicate, listen, cultivate a broad spectrum of perspectives, and structure time in order to honor our collective goals and prioritize the health of our team. From how we #slack, to our expectations of ownership to our non-negotiable value of Give a sh*t, we know that question-asking and shifting perspectives is necessary for us to make the impact we strive for in the world.

Business Model

Our platform approach has enabled us to accelerate the accessibility and impact of breakthrough science. In turn, our consumer innovations like DS-01® power our research programs in critical areas of human and planetary health, and resource our science communication and education.

Women's Health

Historical funding and research gaps in women’s health has led to unsustainable interventions and lack of innovation. We’re working to develop applications of vaginal microbiome research to address unmet medical needs that impact millions of women globally.

Science Education + Communication

With the guiding tenet, “Science is not finished until it is communicated,” we believe science cannot realize its full impact if it’s not accessible. Our meet-them-where-they-are ethos inspires us to create unique ways for this new field of science to educate and inform the choices we make each day.