Calling the curious

Seed is a life science and consumer health company focused on the microbiome and its undeniable potential in shaping the future of human and planetary health.

We’re seeking kindred dot-connectors to join our ecosystem of leading microbiome scientists, doctors, storytellers, designers, artists, filmmakers, poets, and translators. Come redefine health with us, 634 steps from the beach in sunny Venice, California.

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Full-Stack Software Engineer

For us, digital experience is member experience. Our mission to set a new standard in consumer health doesn’t just mean the best science, it also means the best translation—through content and digital products that are intuitive, functional, meaningful, and beautiful.

You will build them. And you are the first—setting the foundation for engineering structure and strategy at Seed. You are a jack-of-all-trades eager to create from the ground up. You will participate in all stages of development from concept to prototype to the finished product. You are obsessed with code integrity and organization. You take builds to a “pixel perfect” state across all devices and you are inspired by interactive designs that reject the status quo.

In this role, you will work alongside Ecommerce, Product, Design, and Marketing teams to scope and implement web and digital features for Seed. You will build primarily in Shopify’s Liquid (though we look nothing like a Shopify site 😉), but you are also deeply familiar with other front-end frameworks, APIs, and databases.

Beyond your technical expertise, you are a proactive and effective team communicator and capable leader—comfortable presenting strategy, brainstorming a solution, or providing feedback. As we scale, you’re excited about the potential of your foundational work to attract top talent to an evolving engineering org.

Most of all, you want to join a growing team of scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, storytellers, thinkers, activists, and artists in sunny Venice, CA, and contribute first-hand to making science, biology, the microbiome, and health accessible to all.

Who you are:

  • 3-5 years of relevant experience in front-end and back-end development
  • Fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Proficient with server-side languages such as Python, Ruby (Liquid template), and Java
  • Highly experienced in building + bridging APIs
  • Familiarity with WordPress CMS
  • Experience with e-commerce and subscription software, preferably Shopify and / or ReCharge
  • Ability to manage DNS and web operations
  • Familiarity with data warehousing, preferably Snowflake
  • Expert communicator that’s able to translate technical talk for various audiences
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Director of Strategic Partnerships

You see the world in partnerships—symbiotic opportunities that enable growth, empower impact, and create value in ways that range from the traditional expressions (dedicated emails, dark posts, duh) to the unexpected, innovative ones. There’s an innumerable ecosystem of businesses, platforms, organizations, foundations, networks, groups, forums, and connected individuals that are excited about the work we do and how we show up in the world—we just need to structure the right collaborations.

Today, we receive a lot of inbound requests—media companies that want to write a piece for their audience, health practitioners that want to collaborate, influencer platform owners who want to make our name viral through a sampling campaign, podcasters who want to feature our founders and organizers who want us to speak at and/or sponsor their events. We have a Co-Founder with an incredible network, which has generated no shortage of opportunities, and a Director of Community who is an expert at human-to-human, but you would steward the B2B initiatives and partnerships that provide scale. You speak IRL and URL, with a special talent for the digital—you know all the acronyms, understand what parameters to optimize for, and ascribe to the mantra ‘a partnership is only as successful as the human managing it’.

You know that the only way things get done is if you:

  A. Own the recap and next steps, PMing each step of the way,

  B. Create the assets and send everything in one clean recap email so partners can literally copy and paste,

  C. Follow up, follow up, follow up.

You’ll work side-by-side with our Head of Growth, mapping out KPIs, strategy, and target cohorts, as well as in collaboration with our VP of Marketing, Director of Community, and Co-Founder, to brainstorm on-brand (and out of the box) executions. You’ll vet all of our inbound opportunities, selecting the obvious matches to our current strategies and realizing the hidden potential with ones that may lay on the fringe. You’ll negotiate your way into win-win partnerships that have agreed-upon KPIs, a clear path to mutual performance, and perhaps even a vision for how each partnership may evolve in success. You’ll also identify strategic arenas where our scientific knowledge and category-defining products may be valuable. You don’t consider what you do ‘networking’ because you see the partnership matrix—you walk out of any event, meeting, or time standing in line at the grocery store with an opportunity you immediately see as obvious—you just need to put the slides to it.

This means you are a master deck-maker—you can tell a compelling story through Keynote and understand the perfect cadence of follow up and recap emails, the channels to make it happen (we all know a text can sometimes mean the difference between things getting closed), and the follow up thank you gift or note once the partnership is live with some meaningful data and a clever surprise and delight. You track your CRM with the obsessive organization of a MUJI store and your eclectic network spans the most unique corners and nooks of interests and geographies. Because of your ecosystem, successful partnerships are just a DM away. Because of your follow up process, managing a significant pipeline is a no-brainer.

Your incessant curiosity will mean you also crave more information about the microbiome, probiotics, and our target communities, so you can deeply understand what you need others to resonate with and want to share with their communities—you aspire to the kind of proficiency with these topics that will inspire on conference calls and make saying yes easy.

Who you are:

  • 5+ years of related business development and partnership experience
  • Previous experience negotiating partnerships, advertising, affiliate and/or wholesale contracts
  • Strong experience with Google Marketing Suite: Drive, Spreadsheets, Docs, Analytics
  • Established global network with a focus in Los Angeles and New York City (Asia a plus)
  • Extraordinary written and verbal communication skills
  • Flawless attention to detail in planning and execution of all assigned tasks
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Freelance Copywriter

We’re big on words. Words empower and steward the integrous translation of science that forms the foundation of our brand.

Writer and storyteller at heart, you create magic in the permutation of 26 letters, a handful of punctuation, and occasional, cleverly-placed emojis. You think in long form and short form and rap verses and poetry and everything in between and understand it’s about speaking to people in the way they want to be spoken to. You can get to the heart of a message in the fewest number of characters and thrive in the crafting of phrases that catalyze action. Words are powerful; you know exactly when and how to be subversive and provocative versus nurturing and expansive. You thrive in memes, haikus, hashtags, puns, metaphors and analogies—word play is your superpower. When we say TED meets Vox meets The Hustle meets Carl Sagan meets VICE, you know what we mean.

And you are curious. Pushing boundaries and buttons is your thing and you demand a new way to counterprogram against the noise (especially when it comes to science, health, and wellness). You could wake up every day with the mission to make science accessible and cool (while also fully understanding the importance of integrity and the nuance of precision). You are inspired to crack empowerment through education and turn click-bait into meaning. You have told a lot of stories, written a lot of taglines, tweets, captions, and subject lines, and you’re ready for something that satisfies and expands and peeks your intellect, your soul, and of course, your microbiome.

Who you are:

  • 3+ years experience (especially if in an educational / science / health / CPG / wellness or related space)
  • Extraordinary crafter of beautiful language
  • A steward for brand identity and voice
  • Multi-channel, multi-tasking, multi-disciplinary—experience across campaign, social, packaging, web, and email, a plus
  • Synthesis of disparate ideas to create analogies, metaphors, and other narrative devices to communicate science and inspire a community
  • You noticed the misused homophone in this job description and it bothered you deeply
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Head of Social Media

We’re humans with big ideas, big convictions, and a rigorous sense of responsibility. Social is the heartbeat of Seed and how much of the world meets and interacts with us. You’ll help us get it right.

How? First, you have a sixth sense about how to convey a brand personality across channels—to bring the vision, mission, principles, values, and most of all, the humans, to life on a screen. You think in franchises and formats and story arcs and movements. That’s the big picture. But you’re also able to get granular, down to DMs and metrics and individual posts. You know how to build momentum through likes, comments, follows, and mentions—but also through the kind of engagement that can’t be measured. You know each channel and understand what to say where.

At all times you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening across the team, across the company, out in the world. You think, live, and breathe in memes, gifs, references, and pop culture and how they serve as mediums to translate science into relevance and empower learning. You are entirely self-aware about how detrimental social media and screen-time can be to human health, and your belief is that if we are to participate, then every touchpoint and interaction must deliver value (in other words, you have no interest in posting yet another #weekendbrunch).

Most of all, you’re down to turn curiosity, biology, the microbiome, and all things health and science into a sparkling conversation for citizen scientists across the Internet (and at the dinner table). And you know how to deploy an emoji to maximum effect. 😉

Who you are:

  • 5+ years experience managing cross-platform social, especially if in an educational / science / health / CPG / wellness or related space
  • Eye for design and stewardship of our brand identity and message
  • Ability to analyze data and report on it in an effective way, which will inform how we iterate
  • Extraordinary copywriting and creative writing skills
  • Multi-channel, multi-tasking, multi-project management
  • Synthesis of disparate ideas to create analogies, metaphors, and other narrative devices (both visual and written) to communicate science and inspire a community

What you’ll do:

  • Global audit of all existing content across Seed’s channels to identify what works, what doesn’t, what should evolve, in order to quickly scale the translation and education of science
  • Establish cross-channel social audience and strategy
  • Own the conception and execution of social content across Seed’s existing channels—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stories, etc—and assess where else we should own a presence (i.e. Reddit, LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, YouTube, etc.)
  • Own social calendar (both short and long term) in conjunction with product, marketing, editorial, and member experience teams
  • Play a pivotal role in communication strategy for key pipeline and platform launches
  • Define and oversee community strategy and processes for community management
  • Support influencer and community outreach and activations
  • Manage all briefing and process for asset and content needs with design team
  • Stay up to date with social trends, updates, innovations, and ideate and execute quickly on creative use cases
  • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly social goals and reporting
  • Identification of ongoing recruiting and team building needs
  • Extra credit: you can take photos, Photoshop, and/or make awesome GIFs
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Marketing Coordinator

A touchpoint is a touchpoint is a touchpoint. Everything from the care label on a sweatshirt to an email signature to an event venue to a party favor to our day one employee welcome kit is an opportunity to weave brand storytelling into the Seed experience.

Marketing touches literally everything. So will you. Every campaign, new product launch, merch drop, piece of collateral, and other thing going out into the world happens because you keep it all coordinated, tracked, Google Doc’d, CRM software’d, Keynote’d. No task too small, no campaign too big. You make sure the production and execution and reporting of our big ideas are taken care of down to the microscopic details.

This is the role where you’ll learn and touch every aspect of marketing—how email links to web and web drives to social and social creates influence and influence circles back to web and vice versa and how the good stuff happens when all channels sing. You are a producer. Your references will say you just “get sh*t done and leave no i undotted”. You understand that a creative idea is nothing without precise execution.

But most of all, you seek higher purpose in what you do. This isn’t marketing for the sake of marketing. We’re trojan-horsing curiosity and biology and knowledge through memes, gifs, poems, rap, art, and fanny packs. You want to contribute first-hand to the magic and wake up every day to make science accessible and cool, and health empowering and available to all.

Who you are:

  • 2+ years experience (especially if in an educational / science / health / CPG / DTC / wellness or related space) with a deep interest in honing expertise in marketing, brand, and storytelling.
  • An unnaturally good writer and communicator. So good your friends ask you to revise love letters.
  • Highly productive, proactive, and collaborative—a natural self-starter, but not without deep thought
  • Obsessive, perhaps pathological, attention to organization and detail
  • Comfortable (and even thrive) in the ambiguity and ever-evolving needs of a startup environment
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Chief of Staff

COS means a lot of different things in different settings but if you aren’t into a lot of scheduling and rescheduling conference calls, numerous decks and email drafts (we’re a version 30 Google Doc kind of company), and don’t come equipped with a ‘no detail too small’ approach, read no further. The role is heavily administrative and requires high level thinking—and therein lies the magic. How a call is scheduled, a gift thought of, and follow-up sent timely, speaks volumes about the sophistication and culture of a company—and it is also where growth is earned in this role.

While most COS roles put you as the middle-human between them and the team, that’s not what this is. This is about unlocking potential and value and enabling even deeper relationships and better communications between CEOs and the team. It means implementing time structuring and productivity experiments across the company in collaboration with the CEOs, taking work and tasks and follow ups off their plate and cultivating the internal structure by which they can actually be more available to the team and focus on deep thinking work and less reactive, day to day activities.

You are more than a ‘right hand’, but rather the extension of the Co-CEOs’ right AND left brains, the steward of our internal culture, the mindful mediator of the incoming and outgoing, and one of the key reasons we will be able to accomplish our audacious vision. Your ability to communicate and write are unparalleled—even at 200 emails a day and in the delivery of less than stellar news, you are sophisticated, kind, clear, empathic, non-attached, thoughtful, additive, and collaborative. You understand one email can be pivotal—and intuitively understand the nuances of relationships. Your vocabulary and grammar are impeccable.

You see the matrix, synthesize, and connect the dots. You are a Victorinox swiss-army knife, and for us, ‘it’s easier to just do it ourselves’ CEOs, your capabilities will prove us wrong. You free up the space for us to better structure our time and to create the most value—areas where we were a mile wide and an inch deep will now be deeply thought about and exceptionally executed. You are beyond resourceful—you have that ‘guy’ saved to your phone in London, who helped your old boss with xyz because you knew you would need it again one day. You don’t accept ‘no’ and find creative and kind ways to make sh*t happen, even when it seems impossible.

You are OCD organized, take pride in militaristic organization (be it an Excel spreadsheet or a financial report for investors), and you will get our office to look like a Muji store and operate like a Swiss watch.

You have seen it all and your experience and input will directly impact decisions big and small. You loathe stagnancy and find efficiencies in everything. You are a sponge; you are in touch with trends and where the consumer / industry is going and you quickly become an expert in whatever you do. You are the person that references will say, “Wow, your business is about to change. There’s nobody better suited for this role and this will be the best and most impactful hire you ever make.”

When you are killing it, the CEOs have unlocked the bandwidth to create the most value in their respective areas externally, while the internal team feels prioritized, considered and inspired to do their best work.

Lastly, and most importantly, you are insatiably curious, kind and empathetic with an unrivaled work ethic. Your worldview is not insular, but expansive. And above all, you love to learn.

Who you are:

  • Master’s degree in Business Administration or similar field
  • Some background in science (though not required if you’re curious and a fast-learner)
  • 5+ years in a business or executive management role
  • Proven experience right-handing for CEOs
  • Extraordinary communicator in written and verbal form
  • Extremely versatile and resourceful
  • Consulting experience with a focus on operations management
  • Meticulous project management
  • Nimble business mind with a focus on developing creative solutions
  • Technologically savvy—GSuite, Asana, Slack, etc.
  • Strong reporting skills, with a focus on interdepartmental communication
  • Fastidious follow upper
  • In tune with consumer trends, culture
  • Comfortable working internationally across languages and cultures
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Member Experience Coordinator

We’re a human brand serving humans so wow, is this an important hire for us. You are the heartbeat of Seed. The foundation for our community. The catalyst for word-of-mouth, and the steward of incoming emails from partners, practitioners, retailers and job-seekers excited about what we do and how we do it. Every person you interact with will walk away saying ‘whoa, that was an awesome experience—that felt unique and thoughtful’.

This goes beyond creating a world-class customer experience. That’s table stakes. This is about communicating and cultivating a seamless, educational, empowering, and wondrous experience across every customer touchpoint. To do that means constantly asking how else you can serve with Seed’s ethos of citizen science, curiosity, and learning injected into every email you write or phone call you take. You have eight ideas about how to surprise and delight when a customer first mentions she’s pregnant or when a shipment is delayed. You deliver factual, scientific information with the utmost empathy and kindness (which comes from the weeks you spent and daily time you spend asking questions and integrating what you learn into what you do). You rival our most enthusiastic and excited customers with your enthusiasm and excitement.

And you’ll figure out how it scales. How we handle the first 100, 1000, 10,000 customers will set the stage for how we handle the next. This is something we want to be known for and the opportunity to own this, to push the boundaries (with tech, heart, and ways we probably haven’t even thought about yet), is yours.

Who you are:

  • 1-3 years relevant experience (preferred)
  • A “cosmos is the limit”, “out of the shipping box” mentality
  • A ruthless prioritizer with high emotional intelligence
  • Curiosity to understand how our users think and behave
  • Excellent communication, teamwork, interpersonal, and customer service skills
  • Deeply thorough and thoughtful
  • Knowledge of Shopify, a plus
  • Experience in or knowledge of subscription businesses
  • Flexibility to work agreed upon business hours and be prepared for seasonal busy periods
  • Committed to education and deepening self-learning and understanding of Seed, our products, and the science and knowledge that empowers our health
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and nimble with direction as the company grows to operate at scale
  • A burning curiosity to understand how our community thinks and behaves, and how we can best serve them
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Office Manager

This is the “you were there at the beginning and designed a humming, vibrant, efficient ecosystem” opportunity. Yes, there’s a lot of administrative stuff to be done, but how that gets done and how that creates the space for people to do their best work is critical. How you turn this into an indispensable and integral part of our success is up to you.

The way our office looks when someone walks in is marketing—it communicates that we care about our space, that we care about our team, that we understand the meaning of service. For the team and our office, there are team lunches to plan, gifts to send, first day employee packages to put together, printers to fix, a kitchen to stock, company decisions to weigh in on, opinions to be given on the small stuff and the big stuff (and the opinions of ten of your friends because of course you asked them at your friend’s birthday dinner even though no one asked you to), culture to shape and contribute to, and a million things we’re not thinking of because you’re the one that thinks about everything, down to the last detail. For our CEOs (yes, there’s two of them), there’s the fine art of scheduling—and a handful of other tasks that may come up for them on a daily basis.

You are beyond resourceful, keep up with the latest news in the world and in our space, care about health (including yours), and are so proficient in problem-solving and all things interweb and techy, friends call you with literally any problem from relationships to iPhone syncing failures.

The team relies on you as a resource and appreciates the way you go about your work. They’ve likely never experienced anything like it at former companies. We often say that in addition to our company vision, we’re working to build one of the best companies to work for in LA. Most companies hire a “you” much later. We aren’t. It’s too important to set processes and values in place from the beginning—to do what we need to do, we need support.

You get joy and fulfillment from being of service in this way, and you are also excited about the growth opportunity and where this could lead. If you’re reading this and jumping up and down saying, “it’s like they were inside my brain writing this”, please reach out.

Who you are:

  • 1-3 years relevant experience
  • A “cosmos is the limit”, “out of the shipping box” mentality
  • Deep (OCD-level) attention to detail, organization, and agility in juggling cross-company and executive tasks
  • Exceptional writer and communicator
  • Effective manager of Google Calendar and Drives, and keen, detail-oriented ability to manage the CEOs’ calendars and inboxes
  • You aspire to make every space as clean, organized, and functional as a Muji store
  • The point person for IT, maintenance, shipping, supplies, errands, and the glue that holds our ecosystem together
  • Responsible for onboarding new hires and ensuring every employee has what they need to do their best work
  • Event planning expertise—from ideation to planning to execution to break-down to follow-up—you know how to orchestrate a meaningful event and how to appropriately resource and delegate
  • Excellent communication, teamwork, interpersonal, and customer service skills
  • Eager to work with executive team to develop, implement, and maintain office policies
  • An unquenchable fascination for ecosystem design and building a well-oiled machine
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and nimble with direction as the company grows to operate at scale
  • Committed to education and deepening self-learning and understanding of Seed, our products, and the science and knowledge that empowers our health
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Research + Development

Project Manager, R+D

You have meticulous, borderline obsessive, attention to detail and understand how hundreds of small moving parts contribute to the overall success of a project. You loathe inertia and are particularly skilled at taking a high level milestone and working with the key team members to chart out a path forward, step by step, to keep momentum moving. You treat the coordination of research, development, production, scale-up, and testing like an art form with the perfect balance of wisdom, experience, strategic vision, urgency, and judgement. Nothing ever falls between the cracks and even if a project is temporarily deprioritized, it’s never lost. The world doesn’t always value project management enough. Fortunately, we do.

You also understand the medium is the message; communication (stand-ups, emails, Asana tasks, how meetings are structured, etc.) and the tools we use to communicate—are the difference between OK coordination and the ability to achieve more than we can dream up with a lean, productive team.

Ideally, you have direct experience overseeing projects as part of a small core team with aggressive timelines within the life sciences industry (but we are not myopic and believe if the first two paragraphs sing to you, you wouldn’t hesitate to apply). You have managed and streamlined processes with research, operations teams, and leadership teams, and have had to think about every aspect of a project, most importantly the prioritization of time, and how the needs of one project impact another. While proficiency is important, you’re comfortable pushing things along with known uncertainties and have a process to quickly and reproducibly integrate key data points as they emerge.

You are resourceful, solve problems, and anticipate them before they even arise. You pride yourself on translating abstraction into order. You can run sprints across teams and infuse a sense of urgency into each minute of the work day. Every single meeting has an agenda circulated and a follow-up email ready to go within minutes of wrapping up—and most importantly these touch points do not feel administrative but an opportunity to surprise and delight each step of the way. At times, your email may be the best crafted and most memorable in an external partner or scientist’s inbox that day.

At all times you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening across research and development. At a high level, you can look at where we’re headed and what will scale and right up close, can see what needs to be done to deliver on even the smallest deliverable. No detail too small and no part of the dream too big.

What you’ll do:

  • Manage each project from ideation to execution including scoping out deliverables, requirements gathering, development, execution and quality assurance
  • Project manage scientific milestones including but not limited to paper publications, technical decks, clinical trials, regulatory filings, and scale-up
  • Ensure R+D documents are tracked, integrated, updated, and intuitively organized in Google Drive. Capture weekly progress to ensure Drive is up-to-date and always ready for diligence
  • Work directly with the leadership team to define the scope of work and plan for each project
  • Coordinate external team and track progress between weekly meetings with scientists. Facilitate and manage all communication between internal team members and methodically organize weekly progress across all R+D into action items and priorities for integration into Asana
  • Proactively tackle potential questions, delays or conflicts and communicate status updates to the Director of R+D and CEOs
  • Own scheduling for project kick off meetings and facilitate regular internal review meetings to correspond to timelines
  • Document change orders, meeting notes, weekly status updates and project timelines
  • Follow/create new project flow procedures to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Identify opportunities to improve process
  • Track projects through the workflow process and update across the team in relation to meeting deadlines and next steps
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