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News from SeedLabs—A Volcanic Microbe to Capture Carbon and Welcoming @earth to Seed

Our latest expedition with SeedLabs and collaboration with @earth.

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Welcome @earthSeedLabs for Carbon Capture, @earth for Content Capture

Just like the cosmos, our community is ever-expanding. 

Though we work in a world not visible to the human eye, we are perpetually in search of new ways to communicate the interconnectedness of all life on the planet. 

So, today, we welcome the @earth community into our ecosystem—a digital community of 5M+ known for sharing awe-inspiring imagery of nature, captured by a diverse and global collective of explorers, travelers, scientists, microbiologists, and beyond. As the new cultivators of the @earth community, we are recognizing Earth Day with the launch of ISO (In Search Of)—an ongoing project to showcase distinct perspectives from across the globe. Each month, we’ll share a new theme to widen our aperture and inspire perspectives from around the planet. ISO is an invitation to find our common thread and call to action a communal stewardship for our collective home. 

Our work in microbiome science reveals that there is only One Health—that our health, the health of our planet, and the health of multitudinous species are intricately intertwined and interdependent. 

Since our inception, the concept of One Health has guided our work, shaped our investments of time and resources, and defined our presence in the world. This guiding principle inspired SeedLabs, our platform to advance emergent environmental research and develop microbial solutions for some of Earth’s most pressing issues (think honeybee die off, coral reef loss, and plastic pollution).

Just this week, we announced our latest SeedLabs collaboration, led by Dr. Braden Tierney and his team at The Two Frontiers Project (2FP), to discover microorganisms that thrive in extreme, CO₂-rich environments and empower novel solutions for CO₂ reduction. The researchers have completed the first two expeditions, one to volcanic CO₂ seeps off the coast of Sicily and the other to carbonated springs in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. 

Already, the team has discovered a volcanic microbe that could unlock a new frontier in carbon capture technology. 

We invited @earth creator John Kowitz—an accomplished freediver and underwater photographer—to join the research team in the field, documenting their findings on-site. Here’s a sneak peek into his incredible experience:

Please join us as we cultivate the future of @earth and continue to pioneer the microbial world to find solutions to challenges that impact the health of humans and the environment.