"A New 'University' for Instagram Influencers Aims to Stop the Spread of Misinformation"
"Best Inventions of 2018: Honorable Mention—Seed’s Probiotic BioPatties for Honey Bees"
"These probiotics for bees are designed to boost insect immune systems."
"When it Comes to Probiotics, Seed is the Best Bet"
"It took a year of research for the team at Seed, a microbiome science company that sells a combined probiotic and prebiotic..."
"I attended a breakfast with food that would disappear if honeybees go extinct. It was a disturbing glimpse at a future..."
"Meet the probiotic that's about to change everything."
"Seed co-founders Raja Dhir and Ara Katz have put together a team of leading experts to create a clinical-trial-backed synbiotic."
"They aim to rely on real science to create their product, a probiotic designed to support the vibrant ecosystem of bacteria."
"They’ve developed one of the most cutting edge ‘synbiotics’ on the market..."
"Seed is an innovative consumer-health company focused on the microbiome that is poised to shake up the wellness industry."
"Contains strains of probiotics and prebiotics that were painstakingly chosen for their efficacy–"
"Seed, a company that's reinventing the way we think about the microbiome."
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