Seed is a life science and consumer health company focused on the microbiome and its undeniable potential in shaping the future of human and planetary health. We’re seeking kindred dot-connectors to join our ecosystem of leading microbiome scientists, doctors, storytellers, designers, artists, filmmakers, poets, and translators.
Open Roles
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Brand + Marketing

What is the future of human health and our microbiome? If you’re already thinking about habit adoption curves, market analytics, primary consumer research studies, competitive intelligence, and strategic frameworks you would use to answer this question, keep reading.

You’ll be a founding member of our new Insights function—a department spotting our largest growth opportunities by generating and connecting dots between quantitative and qualitative data. To set this foundation, you will demonstrate that “insights” are more than bullets on a research report or statistical changes to a conversion rate; they are deeper narratives about how and why cohorts of humans will respond to a new idea about how to nurture their health. You will have the opportunity to build a team in the future, but to kick off this function, build an external roster of consultants and researchers and identify the data we can generate internally to answer our largest questions. Start with these:

  1. What new product experiences should we develop and launch in the next 3 years? You will own all consumer research, market sizing, and adoption curve analyses to advise new product development—not just line extensions, but disruptive new forms and digital experiences, too.

  2. What new cohorts would be receptive to our current product portfolio and brand? You will own all segmentation, social listening, and audience sizing to advise new channel growth and geographical expansion—not just digital marketing campaigns, but entirely new business verticals.

To build a next-generation microbial sciences company, you’ll bring a next-generation approach to insights. You have a broader research toolbox than most—familiar with new methods like semiotics, behavioral economics, conjoint analysis, mobile ethnography, biometric response, sentiment analysis, and/or applied neuroscience—and can source market experts quickly where primary research isn’t necessary.

Most importantly, you will drive action and swift decision making. You don’t learn for the sake of learning, and your insights don’t sit dormant or unused. Armed with answers, you will manifest a clear vision of where we should go and what we should create to get there.  That’s the power of insights.

Who you are:

  • 7+ years of related consumer insights or market research experience
  • Previous experience in CPG health + beauty or healthcare
  • Previous experience advising on new product development projects
  • Proficient in designing, conducting, and analyzing primary qualitative and quantitative research
  • Proficient in sourcing external suppliers to aid with research projects
  • Ability to synthesize across multiple data sources (quant, qual, behavioral, secondary, etc.) into a clear and concise narrative
  • Extraordinary written and verbal communication skills
  • Flawless attention to detail in planning and execution of all assigned tasks

We’re big on words. Words empower and steward the integrous translation of science that forms the foundation of our brand.

Writer and storyteller at heart, you create magic in the permutation of 26 letters, a handful of punctuation, and occasional, cleverly-placed emojis. You think in long form and short form and rap verses and poetry and everything in between and understand it’s about speaking to people in the way they want to be spoken to. You can get to the heart of a message in the fewest number of characters and thrive in the crafting of phrases that catalyze action. Words are powerful; you know exactly when and how to be subversive and provocative versus nurturing and expansive. You thrive in memes, haikus, hashtags, puns, metaphors, and analogies—word play is your superpower. When we say TED meets Vox meets The Hustle meets Carl Sagan meets VICE, you know what we mean.

And you are curious. Pushing boundaries and buttons is your thing and you demand a new way to counterprogram against the noise (especially when it comes to science, health, and wellness). You could wake up every day with the mission to make science accessible and cool (while also fully understanding the importance of integrity and the nuance of precision). You are inspired to crack empowerment through education and turn clickbait into meaning. You have told a lot of stories, written a lot of taglines, tweets, captions, and subject lines, and you’re ready for something that satisfies and expands and peeks your intellect, your soul, and of course, your microbiome.

Who you are:

  • 3+ years experience (especially if in an educational / science / health / CPG / wellness or related space)
  • Extraordinary crafter of beautiful language
  • A steward for brand identity and voice
  • Multi-channel, multi-tasking, multi-disciplinary—experience across campaign, social, packaging, web, and email, a plus
  • Synthesis of disparate ideas to create analogies, metaphors, and other narrative devices to communicate science and inspire a community
  • You noticed the misused homophone in this job description and it bothered you deeply

We’re big on words. Words empower and steward the integrous translation of science that forms the foundation of our brand. You think in long-form and short-form and understand it’s about speaking to people in the way they want to be spoken to. You can get to the heart of a message in the fewest number of characters and thrive in the crafting of phrases that catalyze action. You are inspired to crack empowerment through education and turn words into meaning.  

In addition to being a stellar writer, you’re deeply curious about the world around you—healthcare in particular—and love to problem solve. Rolling up your sleeves comes naturally. You thrive in a fast-paced environment and get excited about finding ways to get readers excited about the microbiome. You enjoy playing a key role on a growing, high-performing team. Most importantly, you have a passion for education.

What you'll do:

  • Steward our science communication across all marketing communications, with specific ownership of our editorial longer form content
  • Lead a team of freelance and full-time writers
  • Develop an editorial calendar that both satisfies SEO priorities and the interests and need of our audience
  • Work across channels to review our educational content to make sure that we are communicating with accuracy, precision, clarity, and consistency
  • Synthesize deep scientific category research to distill the most inspiring and important pieces, with consideration for the readers' experience and maintenance of our scientific integrity
  • Collaborate with SciCare to define product science language that adheres to both compliance and brand standards

Who you are: 

  • 5+ years of science editorial experience writing for a consumer-focused audience (nutrition, wellness, biology, microbiology, environmental science, family health)
  • A creative writer who is able to translate complex scientific concepts succinctly 
  • Ability to lead a team of free-lance and full-time writers and managing editors
  • Thoughtful cross-functional collaborator 
  • Strong ability to connect dots and highlight nuances within a scientific concept; passionate about making information extremely digestible and relevant
  • Ability to identify expertise blind spots and bring in different experts and collaborators 
  • Ability to work in a brand and marketing environment and dissect marketing briefs to drive clarity and scientific rigor 



At Seed, we take pride in creating beautiful and compelling digital experiences, from websites to apps to experiential digital products. We've created digital learn from home experiences—about giant whispering trees, cheese bacteria highways, salmon isotopes inside trees, the billion-year-old Internet under our feet, and the interconnectedness of the world through the lens of microbes. We are looking for a Digital Producer to bring our creative designs to life flawlessly, with deep consideration of both UX and platform limitations. You will report to the EP-Creative and own relationships with key stakeholders, including Product/Engineering, VP of Brand and Marketing, and Design Director. 

This position is a 4-month contract to hire that will oversee multiple projects including multi-SKU product update, animation and design updates, creating a digital asset management system for internal use, and the launch of an editorial platform. 

What you’ll do:

  • Work collaboratively with Design, Marketing, Growth, Product/Engineering, and other stakeholders to push various digital projects forward
  • Track all of the deliverables and project phases for digital/web experiences including, copy, assets, design, QC, launch
  • Work closely with EP-Creative to ensure that a solid digital experience supports upcoming marketing campaigns; communicate dependencies, risks, and realistic timelines to ensure marketing projects can be properly scoped. (On-time and in-budget are non-negotiables)
  • Maintain a strong relationship with Design Director and Lead Interaction Designer to ensure that brand identity and UX  is being held up during the development process
  • Work with the Engineering team to understand the tech stack now, its planned evolution, and how it fits into the matrix of project plans. Likewise, you have a deep understanding of the limitations of specific social platforms and creative workarounds
  • Work with external dev partners to manage scope, prioritization, and timelines.
  • Manage a library of assets with keen attention to detail
  • Precision QC’er, you can’t un-see a bug, copy edit, or incorrect image

Who you are: 

  • 5+ years of experience in digital/web production in-house or at a creative agency
  • Superhuman recall of project status and well-organized project plans to back it up 
  • Experienced at understanding how to build processes that enable a design to work with technology
  • You know how to communicate to different stakeholders using their languages, keeping in mind the type of communication that will help everyone succeed
  • The phrase “We need to get this landing page live in 2 weeks” does not scare you
  • You aren’t bored by having to read a contract or redlining a scope of work, since clarity is best for all parties
  • You are comfortable having scoping conversations with the marketing and product team and identifying risks that may cause delays
  • You can prioritize on your feet and are confident in your decision-making skills and the halo of impact that decisions affect
  • You have basic digital production skills and don’t need to rely on a designer to re-cut an asset in a pinch
  • You know the specs of every platform and have creative solutions for platform limitations
  • You are comfortable with various CMS platforms and love to learn new tools 
  • You are impeccably organized and naming conventions are your best friend 

You will be responsible for executing assets and designs across paid social ads, email campaigns, and other growth-focused initiatives. You will have experience working in motion, creating beautiful and compelling assets that speak to the Seed brand while attracting new customers. You are the perfect synthesizer of direct response best practices (that convert) and branding best practices (that communicate who we are and are not dilutive). 

You are excited by the idea of working alongside a smart team, creating and iterating as we learn—focusing on compelling and innovative ways to translate complex scientific and health-related concepts to a global audience across various channels. You also consider behavioral science, trends and insights, the nuance of copy and language, and you understand the human cues of growth advertising and communicating. Your portfolio speaks to all of this—from :06 second social posts to full :90 second commercials to mini documentary pieces to a single powerful image with type that immediately communicates.

Who you are:

  • 3+ years of digital design experience
  • DTC / subscription experience
  • Experience using Figma, Illustrator and Photoshop, including creating motion graphics using the timeline feature in Photoshop
  • Basic knowledge of video editing / GIF creation, Keynote
  • Experience executing on corporate and brand identities and respective brand guidelines
  • Extensive experience with e-commerce and growth-related design, especially landing pages, emails, and paid social ads
  • Experience creating infographic or data visualizations
  • Asset management—track changes in aspect ratios and resolutions across advertising platforms
  • Works inter-departmentally to balance the needs of the brand team and growth marketing team
  • Works with Design Director to interpret data-driven feedback provided by growth team and external partners to create a variety of options for A/B testing
  • Fun level of competition; Finds satisfaction in creating digital assets that “win” while pushing the expectations of “best practices”
  • Positive and open to feedback
  • Strong communicator
  • Curious experimenter

You are an extraordinary combination of right-and left-brain—USPs and visual storytelling; growth and brand. You can intuit, concept and create assets that help us grow.

You will be responsible for executing growth-focused assets across landing pages, email drip campaigns, product explainer videos, 101s, infographics, and most critically, paid social ads—especially those in motion. You are the perfect synthesizer of direct response best practices (that convert) and branding best practices (that communicate who we are and are not dilutive). You think deeply about how type and imagery dance together, and about how juxtaposition and timing can mean the difference between working and not working. You deeply understand the native gestures of the platform you’re designing for, how humans use that platform, and how the UX / UI of an asset optimizes for growth. Other companies share your work internally as an example of great design and sophisticated branding, while also feeling clever, clear and intelligent. You are obsessed with the space between data and beauty and will obsessively optimize and tweak as we learn. 

You will collaborate with our small but agile design, data and marketing team—focused on creating compelling and innovative ways to translate complex scientific and health-related concepts, as a part of communicating Seed’s brand message, category education, and product differentiation to a global audience across various channels. You also consider behavioral science, trends and insights, the nuance of copy and language, and you understand the human cues of growth advertising and communicating. Your portfolio speaks to all of this—from :06 second social posts to full :90 second commercials to mini documentary pieces to a single powerful image with type that immediately communicates. 

What you'll do: 

  • Conceive, craft, and execute dynamic video edits that captivate a social-driven audience and hit KPI goals determined by our growth and data team.
  • Be scrappy and resourceful in re-purposing assets, making stock beautiful, and creating in creative ways—you go away and come back with ideas and concepts that everyone Slacks about while you’re presenting . Even your first boards elicit lots of internal emojis. 
  • Collaborate across growth, brand, creators, and even our R+D team to gather data and synthesize in creative. 
  • Develop best practice trending content editing techniques to enhance content performance across paid social, as well as extend content across organic social.
  • Continually survey and discuss social media, digital and cultural trends and happenings.
  • Master of all aspects of video Post Production including editing, color grading, sound design and mastering for delivery across all social media platforms.

Who you are:

  • 4+ years of digital design and growth design experience
  • Expert in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Experience managing other editors is a plus
  • Deep understanding and expertise on all social platforms and traditional media
  • Proficient with After Effects—Motion / Text Animation Skills Required
  • Experience directing and camera operation at a DP level is a major plus
  • Experience in DTC (especially, Wellness, Health, a plus)
  • Communicating science is a major plus
  • Experience concepting and executing within brand identities and respective brand guidelines
  • Extensive experience with e-commerce and growth-related performance design, especially landing pages, emails, and paid social assets
  • Experience creating infographic or data visualizations
  • Asset management—track changes in aspect ratios and resolutions across advertising platforms
  • Work inter-departmentally to balance the needs of growth and brand  
  • Interpret data-driven feedback provided by the growth team and external partners to create a variety of options for A/B testing (and maybe C / D / and E )
  • Positive and open to feedback, collaboration, and different styles of giving notes—all in the service of getting it right and doing our best work
  • Strong communicator
  • Curious experimenter
  • Consumer of culture and content
  • Empathic human that understands the power of visual storytelling and feels accountability for what and how we do that with beauty and integrity

As a Full Stack Software Engineer at Seed, you will be at the forefront of laying the technical foundation for the future of our business while also building beautiful and performant web experiences that delight our customers. We are also looking for someone who is excited about helping to establish a culture of engineering excellence and wants to build well structured and thoughtful systems.

We are looking for individuals who want to be part of a small and nimble team that isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves in order to solve our customer’s problems. Engineering is but one part of Seed’s ecosystem, so it’s important that we are able and willing partners to the rest of our business.

What you’ll do:

  • Work with other Software Engineers, Product Managers and designers on a product team that develops customer-facing software.
  • Develop solutions across our various business domains: Ecommerce, Operations and Fulfillment, Research and Development and Clinical Trials.
  • Build and release code multiple times throughout the day with proper testing and documentation in place.
  • Learn and understand our customer problems and contribute to our planning and roadmapping process with your ideas.
  • Become a subject matter expert in part(s) of our business and leverage that knowledge for both your own development and the company’s.
  • Help establish engineering best practices that will become the backbone of how we do our work for years to come.

Who you are:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering/Information Technology or related field OR successful completion of a coding bootcamp.
  • 2+ years of professional experience building software
  • Experience building web applications from end to end
  • Solid understanding of relational databases and best practices
  • Experience building rich web based UIs with modern frameworks is a plus.
  • Worked as part of a product, customer-facing team with excellent collaboration skills
  • A desire to write well documented and tested code

Who we are:

We are a microbial sciences company developing applications of microbes for both human and environmental health. We are headquartered in Venice, California with a presence in New York, Colorado, Taipei, The Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. Our team, collaborators, and advisory board include scientists leading their field with breakthrough discoveries in various areas of microbiome research, as well as marketers, brand builders, operators and storytellers who have worked across disciplines from razors to rockets. 

We founded our consumer life science brand, Seed, to disrupt the $60B+ global probiotics market by bringing much-needed science, precision, efficacy and education to the crowded and confusing global landscape of ‘probiotics.’ With the Company’s Scientific Board of leading microbiome researchers, clinicians and academic partners, we develop therapies and probiotic innovations across gastroenterology, dermatology, oral hygiene, pediatrics, women’s health, and nutrition. Our brand is often recognized not just for our science, but for our commitment to science communication and design. We’ve won awards such as Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas” in 2019, 2020, and 2021; Time’sBest Inventions 2018,’ and a Webby for ‘Best Use of Stories on Instagram.’ 

Seed is an equal opportunity employer. For us, diversity isn’t an HR metric—it is the result of billions of years of evolution; it’s our nature. To serve our community inclusively means to cultivate a relative abundance of perspectives, backgrounds, geographies, and experiences. Like in biology, each role and its function is key to the productivity, sustainability, and resilience of our ecosystem.

We’re building a partnership and affiliate program that goes way beyond “influence”—we built @SeedUniversity to revolutionize the way people understand our bacterial world, both inside and out, how this informs the choices they make each day, how education is agency and how we can collectively steward #accountability when sharing about products and information that impact people’s health.  

A community cultivator at heart, you have a superpower of making every member (or prospective member)—even at scale— feel seen, heard, included and engaged. You are patient and empathetic, observant, intuitive and insightful—then tenacious and enthusiastic when you see a way to bring people together, engage them and evoke the sense of a collective in the context of a brand experience. In our case, you are particularly tapped not only into health and science, but across art, culture, music. You understand how to create dialogue about the important and serious topics of health and wellness, but also how to use other mediums and spaces to have more meaningful dialogues and ensure equitable access across communities and cohorts. 

As an Ambassadors Community Lead, you own community building.  (1) You will source new talent, voices, cohorts, niches, and superorganisms every week to continuously grow and expand our partner ecosystem. (2) You will onboard new partners to the community and imparthe #accountability (via @SeedUniversity) of educating their audiences with science and evidence. (3) You will organize community-driven initiatives that keep partners engaged and excited in our microbial world. You will track birthdays, anniversaries, major and minor moments—for all of our ambassadors. 

Breakout your color-coding and Pomodoro timer because your next-level organizational skills leave no detail overlooked, no nuance unnoticed, no community newsletter un-peer reviewed. 

You have the opportunity to steward a new way to approach community in the world of health, science and wellness and to do so with the inspired mandate to build an inclusive movement and community that is diverse, inclusive and engaged. 

Who you are:

  • 2+ years of experience in event planning, programming, and influencer marketing
  • Deep understanding of FTC guidelines and compliance
  • Extraordinary (and compelling and wildly creative) written and verbal communication skills—in other words, everyone anticipates and is excited to receive your emails or DMs
  • Stellar community-organizing and movement-generating abilities
  • Data-driven and creative (left / right brained) 
  • Positive and always open to improving
  • Committed to education and deepening self-learning and understanding of Seed, our brand, values, products, and the science behind what we do
  • Ability to keep composure under pressure
  • Deeply #accountable and able to prioritize the long game and our responsibility as a health and science advocate over short term wins


We don’t have to tell you that the healthcare landscape is changing. You’re in it. Telemedicine, direct-to-consumer pharmacies, high-tech clinics, wearables, public health AI, health coach certifications, etc. are creating a new healthcare ecosystem, and you are tracking these evolutions.

At Seed, you’ll launch and grow a new business unit that will affect how licensed practitioners and their clients/patients access and understand the microbiome and probiotics. Most companies think of this influential community as a B2B sales channel, but we believe there’s a more empowering approach that solves rampant misinformation in probiotics and elevates this prosumer experience in a noisy (and often archaic) space. You’ll own the strategy, P+L, tech and product briefing, trade marketing and communications, community education and engagement, and the two-sided experience for both practitioners and those they serve. To do this, you’ll work cross-functionally with Care / SciCare, Operations, Finance, Marketing, SciComms, and R+D.

You’ll connect dots across the licensed practitioner landscape (e.g. functional medicine doctors, acupuncturists, gastroenterologists, dietitians, clinics, telepharmacists). You’ll understand their needs, how they are currently being and not being served by companies, the best ways to reach them, how we can add value to their work, how we can help them serve and educate their clients and patients, how we should gather them in real life and digitally, and how we can be an ongoing resource for them.

You’ll operationalize all aspects of this unit and forge the strategic partnerships required to scale and diversify this community as we launch new products in verticals and domains with unique practitioner expertise. You’ll own the end to end user journey and two-sided product for practitioners and their patients. You’ll double quadruple the size of our existing CRM, prove ROI on multiple channels, weigh in on the user journey experience of practitioners and their clients, and build an exceptional team as we grow.

Most importantly, you’ll raise the bar for what practitioners should expect from companies and products to earn their trust and recommendation.

Who you are:

  • 7+ years of related business development, marketing, or operations experience
  • Previous experience in consumer health, healthcare, and/or the prosumer space
  • Previous experience interfacing with healthcare practitioners (HCP), translating products and services across varied domains of expertise and fields of medicine
  • Previous experience brand-side
  • Experience leading large, complex, and first-of-their-kind projects end to end, from strategy to launch to scale
  • Extraordinary written and verbal communication skills
  • Flawless attention to detail in planning and execution of all assigned tasks
  • Knowledge of regulatory and compliance in probiotics and licensed healthcare practices
  • Literacy in health and science

Seed is always looking for new marketing partnerships in order to continually grow its ecosystem—of people aware of their microbiome and of subscription members of its products.  These partnerships can include articles, blog posts, podcasts, social media posts and stories, newsletters, dedicated emails, virtual fireside chats, in-app offers, webinars, and—in the future—IRL displays and more. We track the effectiveness of these campaigns by measuring their reach, engagement (clicks to our website), and conversions (sales).  With your help, we aim to increase the number and size of partnerships, to reach and acquire new audiences.

You’re a community builder at heart—constantly thinking about new ways to create connections and sustain relationships. You know just how to phrase an email or DM that brings clarity and excitement to the thread, with the recipient taking away, “wow, they’re really on their sh*t.”  “Disorganized” isn’t a word in your vocabulary—you are detail obsessed, the epitome of coordinated, and love the feeling of crossing something off your 500-line, color-coded Google Sheet tracker.

As a Partnerships Coordinator, you will support our Director of Partnerships by owning four key areas:

  1. Affiliate communications in our SeedUniversity partnerships inbox - We have a large community of affiliate partners and more applying every week.  You will nurture these relationships with timely responses to their questions, and proactive check-ins to crowdsource campaign ideas and learning needs.
  2. Affiliate performance tracking on Share-A-Sale - Our affiliate tracking and commission payments are consolidated on a platform called Share-A-Sale.  Each day, you will monitor clicks (to our website) and sales driven by our affiliates, and flag any highlights or lowlights to your manager.  Each month, you will audit total performance to ensure that every affiliate has received their owed commissions correctly.
  3. Partnership creative deliverables - Our marketing partnerships usually require some copy, images, and/or graphics to be created or reviewed.  If a partner is generating these materials, our team will need to review for scientific and educational accuracy.  If Seed is generating these materials, we will need to deliver these to the partner on an agreed deadline.  You will manage this entire process for all partners.
  4. Partner contract finalization and storage - You will make sure every partner has completed and signed a final contract, and every partner has a neatly-organized folder in our Google Drive with this final contract and any other creative deliverables used in executing our partnership.

Through these areas of leadership and ownership, you will grow our partnerships program, and kick off experiments we only dream of scoping now.  With your help, relationships with our existing partners will strengthen, the opportunities to bring in new partners will increase, and audiences new to our ecosystem will become more intimately aware of the benefits probiotics and their microbiome have to their health.


Who you are:
  • 2+ years of affiliate marketing, business development, account management, project management experience
  • Takes initiative and has critical thinking skills to elevate current processes
  • Flawless attention to detail in planning and execution of all assigned tasks, and the ability to prioritize tasks independently
  • Extraordinary written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience coordinating complex project management with internal stakeholders and external partners across multiple channels
  • Awareness of affiliate marketing and desire to own the day-to-day comms and success of this channel
  • Committed to education and deepening self-learning and understanding of Seed, our brand, values, products, and the science behind what we do

We are looking for a Senior Performance Marketing Manager to help grow Seed’s member base. This role will be a key contributor to acquiring new Seed members at an efficient CAC through channel, creative, and other optimization strategies. The ideal candidate will have a background in acquisition across multiple channels and will be able to work cross-functionally with growth partners, creatives, copywriters, compliance, sci-comms and other functions within our ecosystem. 

In order to make this magic happen each and every day, we need someone with exemplary abilities to test and learn, communicate the story in the data and an insatiable curiosity to learn, understand the science of our product innovations and join our ecosystem. This role is optimized for growth and learning, so a passion for asking questions and digging deeper is absolutely essential. 

Experience in regulated areas of consumer health and science and health-focused products, a major plus. 

What you'll do:

  • Manage the day-to-day performance and strategy for new paid social and other channels
  • Set up, run, and analyze performance of managed channels on an ongoing basis to ensure optimal performance on KPI’s such as CPA, CAC, new members, etc. 
  • Collaborate with influencer marketing, brand marketing, and others on the performance marketing team to improve full omnichannel funnel efficiency and related campaigns.
  • Research and implement new techniques and technologies that are relevant to our media strategies.
  • Own all aspects of campaign setup, optimization, troubleshooting, and reporting with a sustained focus on CAC efficiency and scalability.
  • Collaborate with internal Creative, Copy, Compliance and Brand/Product teams to develop relevant marketing assets.
  • Stay abreast of trends and innovations across the paid media landscape and partner with the rest of the Marketing team to refine our approach as needed.
  • Science communication / translation and knowledge of regulatory, a plus.

Who you are:

  • 3-5+ years experience in performance marketing 
  • Minimum of 2+ years running ads on Facebook, Instagram, etc. ads through Ads Manager
  • Experience managing 1-2 junior team members 
  • An insatiably curious sponge with a deep commitment to learning
  • You approach tasks big and small with kindness, optimism, and dedication
  • A clear writer and communicator
  • Highly productive, proactive, and collaborative team player—quick to mention if something is veering off schedule 
  • A natural self-starter who is always looking for ways to plug in
  • Excels at time management and can skillfully re-prioritize at any moment
  • Attention to organization and detail with a passion for proofreading
  • Tech-savvy and/or willing to search Google, YouTube and Reddit threads for tech tutorials
  • Efficiency-minded, and one to speak up if there is a better, faster, easier way to do something 
  • Comfortable in the ambiguity and ever-evolving needs of a fast-growing startup environment
Member Experience + Community

As Director of Impact, you will develop, codify, lead and execute Seed’s impact philosophy and strategy. This will begin with a definition of impact that amplifies our mission and values, imparts deeper meaning within our culture and ensures our work can nudge the world forward.  

Reporting to our VP of Member Experience and Community, you will design and implement a diverse, inclusive and equitable impact roadmap, bring initiatives to life and define how we measure success, while developing exceptional partnerships and relationships both internally and externally. You will enable us to dream big as an ecosystem and as individual superorganisms. You will lead with a visionary mindset that evolves what impact can mean in business and to ensure we realize our potential to make the impact we are capable of. 

Your focus will be at 106 and 10-6, knowing that what we learn, support and ultimately value internally is a direct reflection of how we show up for our community (another term to be co-defined with you) and various other ecosystems, both human and environmental. You will partner with the People and Culture stakeholders at Seed to identify key touch points within our employee experience that will support our internal ecosystem and strategically bring those to life. 

What you'll do:

  • Drive the work to define what impact at Seed should look like and identify the different pillars it should focus on externally, while holistically considering the internal and intentional impact on our culture. 
  • Build Impact as a core function and work cross functionally to develop a strategy that becomes a unique part of our company, brand, and member and team experiences.
  • Develop, lead and bring to life social impact initiatives spanning across healthcare, science education, women’s health, nutrition and agriculture, environmental health and sustainability, wellness and product accessibility, GI health etc., and continue to build the Seed brand with a “mission and values above all” mentality, while creating different storytelling opportunities.
  • Design and implement a diverse, inclusive and equitable impact roadmap and drive alignment both internally and externally, while defining clear goals, as well as the means and criteria to measure the effects and success of our work.
  • Source and develop an ecosystem of global partners across non-profits and other organizations that directly contribute to our impact strategy, and build valuable relationships in these spaces. 
  • Be an integral part of initiating unique member-facing programs and opportunities for engagement and community-driven science impact. 
  • Project manage initiatives and collaborate with external partners as well as with our internal ecosystem to bring projects to life and drive the path from strategy to execution. 
  • Work cross-functionally to consistently diversify our member base, reach different communities and lead the way in developing programs and business initiatives to empower new avenues of access. 
  • Codify how we approach social issues— which ones integrate with our DNA, our protocols for donations, public statements and internal / external initiatives. 
  • Oversee our sustainability and environmental efforts and energize our work and commitments across all areas of the business. 
  • Design internal social impact opportunities and engage our internal ecosystem in this work as means to deepen the sense of community, meaning and belonging across the organization. 
  • Work closely with our R+D team on our women’s health initiatives to find opportunities for impact and education.
  • Work with leaders to inspire vision drivers across levels and teams and make employees integral to the continuous development of our impact-driven culture.
  • Develop internal volunteer programs and drive participation and engagement across the organization.
  • Work closely with employee resource groups and offer support, sponsorship and collaboration. 
  • Design and manage a dedicated impact budget, oversee and track donations, company matches etc.  

Who you are:

  • 5+ years of experience in social impact or related roles.
  • Proven experience developing and executing diverse, equitable and effective social impact programs both internally and externally; Genuine curiosity, passion, heart and intention in developing social impact programs and initiatives and making them integral to the company’s DNA.
  • A true visionary that is excited to do things differently and develop true-to-Seed experiences.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, presentation narrative design skills, organizational skills, analytical skills, and attention to detail.
  • A passionate collaborator that loves bringing people together and building relationships.
  • Ability to orchestrate multiple projects, with regular cross-functional communication and reporting.
  • Keen understanding of business operations and the ability to influence change by communicating value to key stakeholders and developing precise briefing capabilities and processes. 
  • Ability to anticipate issues and take proactive efforts to problem solve and pivot as needed.
  • Experience developing an extraordinary global network of organizations and opinion leaders; Specific experience across health and environmental spaces - a plus.
  • Experience working closely with communications stakeholders to design narratives, develop thoughtful messaging and educational initiatives that amplifies the impact work and seeks buy-in  both externally and internally. 
  • Founders and C-suite relationship management as it relates to social impact initiatives and thought leadership - a plus.


We are looking for a creative and strategic human to build a first-of-its-kind function at Seed––someone who is passionate about people, about designing meaningful online and offline experiences and about intentionally building an internal community and an inclusive ecosystem. 

Using ‘first principles,’ you will build upon and iterate our employee experience roadmap, bring it to life, and play an integral role in translating our values into how we work, while defining how we do health at Seed, with science and education at the heart of how we build and engage our internal ecosystem. You will facilitate an environment that will enable and encourage our growing group of Superorganisms to build meaningful relationships with one another, and creatively operationalize our belief that genuine connections are the foundation for meaningful work and a thriving internal community. 

You will collaborate with experts to design unique educational frameworks to inspire constant learning, individually and as an ecosystem. You will architect and support an internal environment of participation, kindness and care––where each employee feels empowered, has the agency to make an impact, and brings their lived experiences to the table. You will incorporate trust, companionship, curiosity, learning, and passion to the center of our mostly-remote work environment through online and offline programming that inspire us and remind us why we joined Seed in the first place.

You will play an integral role in continuously building and improving the intentions and practices that enable us to create an equitable, inclusive and diverse workplace. You are a producer at heart and you design and execute initiatives to the very last detail and nuance. You always find opportunities to inspire others and expose people to meaningful cultural experiences and moments, beyond our internal ecosystem.  

While your work will be focused on our internal experience, you understand the opportunity in sharing a similar mindset with our external member experience efforts, as well as your role in representing our culture and community to potential new hires as part of our recruitment process––you will be on the front lines of engaging recruits and introducing them to our ecosystem in a way that makes them feel valued, heard, and giddy with excitement with the possibility of joining our team. 

What you’ll do:

  • Intentionally build the Employee Experience and Internal Community function at Seed so our internal ecosystem becomes an integral part of business considerations, decision-making, and our competitive advantage as a company as we continue to grow.
  • Build systems and programs that support and bring to life our company culture and employee experience on a daily basis, and at scale. 
  • Design, implement and iterate an employee experience roadmap and work cross functionally to intentionally build our internal brand. 
  • Work closely with People Ops stakeholders to holistically consider the employee experience at Seed, operationalize our employee experience roadmap and bring our values and intentions to life at every touch point: from recruiting, to onboarding, on an ongoing basis, through off-boarding and beyond.
  • Bring to life a creative and strategic, mostly-remote work environment that feels close and intimate, and allows for building meaningful connections and relationships. 
  • Design intentional internal communication touch points and be the champion of empathetic and strategic narrative across the organization.
  • Lead and design our internal culture programming, events, community activities, listening hours etc. and orchestrate our culture and education calendar. 
  • Lead an internal culture committee that drives internal participation and engagement across the organization. 
  • Develop educational programs and work with different stakeholders to make education and constant learning an integral part of how we work at Seed. Utilize access to knowledge to allow each individual in our ecosystem to engage with an ongoing journey of learning while they’re at Seed.
  • Advocate for and champion our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts––you understand that cultivating and encouraging a spectrum of diverse perspectives within our ecosystem is essential for long-term sustainability and competitive edge. 
  • Support and passionately champion our business priorities and commitments around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, with a focal point on how employee experience and internal community bring these commitments to life.
  • Create moments of inspiration for every individual on the team that ignite creativity, spark curiosity + shift perspectives. 
  • Translate external brand moments into internal engagement touch points. 
  • Create touchpoints of scientific learning and education to allow every individual in our internal ecosystem to become a true mission evangelist and advocate. 
  • Work closely with Social Impact and Brand stakeholders to develop a consistent and coherent voice internally and externally, and create a sense of belonging and inclusion through social impact engagement. 
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to collect and learn from key employee satisfaction data points. 
  • Develop a trusted relationship with People Ops and HRBP stakeholders to influence together people-driven strategies across the organization. 
  • Design a budget and bring to life our employee experience, through personal and family support, education and inspiration, and internal community. 

Who you are: 

  • 4+ years of experience managing an internal culture, impact, or community engagement function, initiatives, or other relevant areas that highlight human immersion and the design of people-centric experiences. 
  • A storyteller. You know and consider the power of words and narratives when it comes to intentional people-driven experiences. 
  • You have the ability to empathize and mindfully consider a diversity of lived experiences when communicating and implementing internal experiences, policies, and building a community. You have an educated and informed perspective on systemic inequalities both within the United States and globally, and understand the work that needs to be done (and have put it into practice) in order to foster an employee experience that is reflective of the diverse world that we live in. 
  • Creative thinker and visionary. 
  • Master in cross-functional collaboration; have the ability to empathize and understand different, and sometimes competing, perspectives.
  • A passionate, discerning and empathetic leader with the ability to translate programs into individual and collective impact. 
  • A master in relationship building; Passionate about creating the conditions that allow people to be invested in one another and build together a thriving community. 
  • Ever-adaptive and receptive to the ripple effects of human-to-human touchpoints and communications both broad and granular; you understand that sometimes a simple acknowledgement of someone’s lived experience is as impactful as a tidal wave and is the difference between truly belonging within your work environment and merely “doing your job.”
  • An expert listener––with the uncanny ability to weave various snippets of different conversations together and then formulate an empathetic understanding of possible shifts or nuances in employee engagement and experience that we should consider and proactively support. You have the ability to anticipate needs and scenarios and are rarely reactive; you are always mindful, grounded, and consider all experiences and communications contextually. 

We’re a human brand serving humans so wow, is this an important hire for us. You are the heartbeat of Seed. The foundation for our community. The catalyst for word-of-mouth, and the steward of incoming emails from members (our customers), partners, practitioners, retailers and job-seekers excited about what we do and how we do it. Every person you interact with will walk away saying ‘whoa, that was an awesome experience—that felt unique and thoughtful’.

This goes beyond creating a world-class member experience. That’s table stakes. This is about communicating and cultivating a seamless, educational, empowering, and wondrous experience across every member and inquiring human's touchpoint. To do that means constantly asking how else you can serve with Seed’s ethos of citizen science, curiosity, intention, and learning injected into every email you write or phone call you take. You have eight ideas about how to surprise and delight when a member first mentions their shipment is delayed. You deliver factual information with the utmost empathy and kindness (which comes from the weeks you spent and daily time you spend asking questions and integrating what you learn into what you do).

And you’ll figure out with us how it scales and how we continuously build relationships with our members. This is something we want to be known for and the opportunity to own this, to push the boundaries (with tech, heart, and ways we probably haven’t even thought about yet), is yours.

What you’ll do:

  • Service Seed’s new and existing subscribers across all channels, including email, live chat, phone, SMS, and social media
  • Act as the customer champion, maximizing on opportunities to provide personal touches and surprise and delight experiences
  • Serve as the face of our brand, embodying our core values with a relatable, curious, and inviting attitude
  • Exude confidence, knowledge, and empathy when interacting with internal and external partners and customers—when it comes to people’s health and how their bodies feel, you are especially understanding and helpful
  • Liaise with our fulfillment center and logistics partners and escalate operational and technical issues to ensure timely shipments for our members
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for Seed’s global delivery partner to ensure accurate taxes + duties on international orders
  • Provide voice of the customer feedback as we continue to evolve our offerings and experiences 
  • Become an expert on Seed’s policies, processes, products, and brand
  • Actively pinpoint problems within product and experience to build solutions for them
  • Bring to life and collaborate on proactive, relationship-building, experiences for our customers

Who you are:

  • 1-3 years experience in customer-facing roles or related fields
  • A ruthless prioritizer with high emotional intelligence
  • Excellent written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Thrive in a collaborative team environment, while driving impact through independent work 
  • Organized, proactive, patient, solutions-driven, quick on your feet, and not afraid to roll up your sleeves
  • Deeply thorough, intentional, thoughtful and discerning 
  • Ability to position the customer at the center of every discussion or decision
  • Committed to education and deepening self-learning and understanding of Seed, our products, and the science and knowledge that empowers our health
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and nimble with direction as the company grows to operate at scale; ability to react quickly to new business decisions
  • Availability to work during agreed upon business hours, including weekends and holidays 

Human brands need human stewards—you are the heartbeat of Seed and the foundation of our community. This goes beyond creating a world-class member experience. That’s table stakes. This is about communicating and cultivating a seamless, empathic, educational, empowering, and wondrous experience across every customer touchpoint. 

You’ll be the voice and champion of our members and internal member experience community, and push boundaries to fundamentally redefine what ‘experience’ means. This of course includes meaningful input across our company to enact processes and products that amplify our ability to show up for our members.

And how we show up internally is equally as important. You are a nurturing and impactful leader who will lead and inspire by heart, data, and example. You are excited to implement learning opportunities and help shape a thriving, world-class team.

What you’ll do:

  • Service Seed’s new and existing members across all channels, including email, live chat, phone, and social media.
  • Supervise members of the SeedCare team and ensure each coordinator is supported, fulfilled, inspired, and challenged, and that the team as a whole is meeting our goals and working effectively to balance quality and efficiency. 
  • Lead a world-class member experience team by training and motivating the team, and closely partner with other team leads to achieve consistency and strategic alignment. 
  • Drive a member-centric culture, ensuring that the team strives to deliver above and beyond experiences to our members and that they have the right tools to do so.
  • Be the point of escalation for cross-functional teams.
  • Triage ticket queue to ensure internal service level agreements are met daily.
  • Lead weekly check-ins with coordinators pertaining to individual performance and growth, implementing individual strategies when necessary.
  • Lead by example, answer inbound inquiries via email, calls, chat and social.
  • Manage the team's shifts schedule to ensure coverage during regular hours of operation and holiday schedules and take payroll responsibilities. 
  • Ensure member escalations and urgent after-hour needs are met.
  • Identify trends and behaviors and work collaboratively to put in place new processes and workflows to accommodate the team’s ever-changing needs in supporting our members and constantly think about future scale. 

Who you are:

  • 3+ years of customer support or customer-facing team.
  • 1+ years of experience in leading customer support or customer-facing teams.
  • Curiosity to understand how our users think and behave.
  • Passion for building a people-driven organization and culture, leading humans, coaching and unpacking talent potential. 
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and frequent changes to direction as the company learns to operate at scale.
  • Committed to education and deepening self-learning and understanding of Seed, our products, and the science and information about our health.
  • Organized and process-oriented with the ability to drive resolutions with multiple teams.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to keep composure under pressure.
  • Ability to orchestrate an empathetic and collaborative team dynamic and community. 
  • Ability to show up as a thoughtful and kind people leader and prioritize designing a unique employee experience within the member organization.
  • True passion for serving humans, challenging and redefining traditional service practices. 
  • Flexible and comfortable with a constantly changing and evolving environment, and working through uncertainties. 

Impact drives you to excel and you are passionate about precision within a rapidly scaling business. You are enthralled with seeing the trends across productivity, strategy, and quality as it pertains to finance and accounting. You have direct experience overseeing all aspects of accounting and were born ready to support Seed’s growing business ecosystem. You’re seeking a new chapter with the rare opportunity to design and implement thoughtful and scalable internal controls and accounting processes within a dynamic organization. You are energized by the idea of building from the ground up and automatically operate three steps ahead on the chess board. You seamlessly shift from long-term strategic thinking to tactical day-to-day operations and thoroughly enjoy process design and improvement. You exhibit entrepreneurial finesse and are excited to lead by example as you build an internal accounting department and transition daily accounting operations and logistics in-house. You are eager to make an impact, not only within our quickly growing business but within microbial science, all in the interest of advancing human and planetary health.

What you’ll do:

  • Oversee all accounting operations: monthly close processes and reconciliations, inventory control and management, AP, AR, cash management, and tax
  • Develop and implement process improvements to improve monthly close processes to ensure GAAP compliance and accurate, timely reporting
  • Design process improvements for improved inventory management and visibility, including cycle count processes and physical inventory counts
  • Regularly review internal controls and implement process improvements to insulate risk and protect company assets
  • Streamline AP processes to ensure vendor communication and expectations
  • Manage cash management activities and reconciliation to provide leadership greater visibility into cash flow
  • Recruit, manage and mentor growing Accounting team as company transitions from external accounting support to in-house team
  • Support ERP implementation with Finance and Operations counterparts to ensure a smooth transition
  • Publish monthly financial reporting and key financial metrics reporting pack for leadership and lead investors
  • Oversee sales tax filings and annual income tax filings
  • Support legal entity review and development of tax planning strategies
  • Lead annual audit with external auditors

Who you are:

  • CPA with 8+ years of experience and advanced knowledge of GAAP and technical accounting expertise
  • Experience with a mix of Big 4 or large accounting firm and in-house within inventory-based business with significant R+D; experience in high growth subscription, CPG and/or DTC business a big plus
  • Analytical problem solver with who enjoys the ‘build stage’ as the company scales
  • Process-oriented and always looking to find solutions to help automate, streamline and reduce risk of manual error
  • Able to seamlessly adjust from high-level strategic thinking to understanding the details
  • A strong leader and manager who enjoys building and mentoring a growing team
  • Excellent communicator and collaborator
  • Interested in growing microbiome research and the potential for positive impact on human and planetary health
  • Eager to make an impact in a growing business on the forefront of microbiome science


Seed is pushing the boundaries of science, product development, education and commercialization. We are looking for an individual to construct and lead a galaxy-class talent acquisition team and build the diverse ecosystem necessary to deliver our bold vision.

You will design and own our recruitment and talent strategy, project manage its execution across all touch points, and identify and deliver quarterly KPIs focused on attracting and hiring extraordinary, curious talent with a passion for excellence and existential persistence for impact.

You know that building an inclusive ecosystem means cultivating a relative abundance of perspectives, backgrounds, geographies, and experiences. At Seed, our team members aren’t just employees and open positions aren’t just seats to fill––we are a collective of Superorganisms; we encourage thoughtful question-asking, first principles thinking and a commitment to our mission and values. The superpowers you will apply to help us grow reflect a long-term view and an evocative definition of what sustainability means within an organization. You inherently understand both the fragility and resiliency of a thriving ecosystem, and you will build our team with a holistic vision––understanding that talent and culture are inextricably intertwined, and that it IS possible to grow in size without diluting our magic.

To do this, you don’t simply recruit—you seek those that add inspiring expertise, passion, a spirit of deep ownership, extraordinary communication skills and leadership qualities at every level. To you, recruitment isn’t about box-checking or the right search terms on LinkedIn. Think of yourself as the explorer—seeking out, often in the most unlikely places, unicorns who exemplify our values while diversifying our perspectives.

Even before your first day on the job, you’ll know exactly how to embody our Seed magic to every single recruit you meet on our behalf, whether it’s pixels-to-pixels or IRL. You are a true match-maker that will make the process seem as though it happened organically; in reality, you were there every step of the way, knowing when to step in or give some space. You will nurture your relationships with candidates across weeks, months, and years––roles shift and positions open and close, but talent never wanes.

What you'll do:

  • Work with our Co-Founders and senior leadership to plan and execute sustainable organizational growth in our fast-moving startup, implementing out-of-the-box processes and search/market strategies to creatively source, attract and develop passive candidates at the top of their game, while also deploying a masterful internal process of reviewing active candidate submissions and referrals as they are received to mine the treasure trove of humans who can’t wait to immerse themselves in our scientific, data-driven, and question-asking culture.
  • Design a thoughtful recruiting experience, streamline processes and standards and enable consistency across the organization.
  • Lead our recruiting efforts to support our growing business needs and significant growth goals; source, screen and interview candidates and manage candidate pipelines across varying roles.
  • Strategically develop our candidate experience and deliberately define the nuances as part of each recruit’s journey.
  • Support building a best in class recruiting team that embodies and amplifies our values, develops expertise across consumer, tech and life science, and spreads the Seed magic in a way that makes people jump at the opportunity to join our ecosystem.
  • Strategically and with a “reading-between-the-lines,” balanced approach, navigate short closing timelines for sought-after candidates, negotiate equitable compensation packages in a high-stakes, high-growth market, and simultaneously place yourself in each person’s shoes––what’s best for the candidate, as well as what’s best for our company.
  • Partner with HR stakeholders to help us create infrastructure for growth, intention behind titles, and merit behind compensation, particularly as it relates to bringing new team members on board.
  • Lead our diversity recruiting efforts and make those top priority for your team and for all hiring managers through training programs, sourcing support and innovative recruiting tactics.
  • Define and execute KPIs and report on weekly hiring data analytics/metrics to maintain a tight, efficient window for our hiring pipeline; concurrently, you will work with our senior leadership and hiring managers to calibrate candidates weekly (or in some cases, daily and hourly).
  • Support developing our employer brand, redesigning our careers page, and lead external sourcing partnerships.
  • Manage recruiting agencies support.
  • Own and manage our recruiting platform and all other necessary recruiting tools.

Who you are:

  • 5+ years leading recruiting efforts in a fast growing organization, or equivalent experience.
  • Roll-up-your-sleeves attitude and proven success in sourcing, recruiting, and hiring world-class, high-performing talent.
  • Ability to understand jobs without domain expertise across consumer, tech and life science industries, and collaborate with hiring managers and other stakeholders across various departments.
  • Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion with success in curating a diverse talent pipeline that reflects the vision and growth of the organization you are hiring for.
  • Experience with designing and implementing world-class recruiting strategies and pipelines for roles at all levels of seniority.
  • Well-versed in communicating and operationalizing recruiting resources, building industry partnerships and trade association affiliations to widen the talent network, and amplifying our recruiting efforts using social media at scale and across a number of roles.
  • Experience driving organizational evolution without dilution of culture.
  • Extraordinary interpersonal communication, interviewing and listening skills, easily builds rapport, garners trust immediately and inspires passion + motivation in others.
  • Strong presentation skills in all areas––visual, written, verbal––i.e. 360 steward and representative of our company.
  • Deep organizational prowess, ability to manage hundreds of inbound recruits across multiple channels.
  • High level of accountability, incessant follow-upper, comfortable with ambiguity and maintaining order in a fast-paced environment.
  • Knowledge of employment law and HR practices
  • Experience with and knowledge of cutting edge software recruiting tools, techniques, and platforms.
  • You embody ownership and execution at all levels.
  • You build foundational systems and processes quickly and thoughtfully
  • Lastly, and most importantly, you are insatiably curious, kind, and empathic with an unrivaled work ethic. Your worldview is not insular, but expansive.

In an ecosystem such as ours that values the how of our external touch points, an intentional and thoughtful recruiting experience is a top priority–– and strategic, galaxy-class talent acquisition and retention is a foundational KPI. How this gets accomplished is largely dependent on you and your ability to be the glue in communicating with our potential new hires, our hiring managers, and following through on the hiring plans we set–– interviews to be scheduled + rescheduled, feedback to be tracked + communicated, job descriptions to be updated + posted, applications to be reviewed + responded to, and sourcing + outreach leads to explore.

You are buoyed by mountains of emails, slacks, texts, asana tasks, recruiting software upkeep, LinkedIn job posts, and efficiently mine each communications stream for details that will help you do your job without having to ask; you see the matrix in backlogs of scheduling requests, digital paperwork, tracking of responses, and understand the growth opportunity to be had in being immersed in the minutiae. Without you, critical and time sensitive interviews wouldn’t get on the calendar, hiring plan stakeholders are misaligned or missing key updates, and more importantly, we are losing potential galaxy-class talent in a competitive hiring market. “Closing the loop” is an obsession of yours.

You are an exceptional writer of the less-is-more bent; you understand that your email is often one of the first touch points a recruit has with our ecosystem, and that first impressions are irretrievable. Discretion is your baseline operational foundation, and you know that getting to the point in a kind, professional, and friendly manner is where you’re most effective. You re-read, grammar check, and “reply-all vs. reply vs. cc vs. bcc” check every email you send. Emails aren’t conversations to you; they are clear steps to action. Clean, succinct subject headers, to do’s + follow ups carefully tee’d up, attachments and naming conventions with dates inserted––these are all a part of your communication hygiene regimen and you’ve never written emails any other way.

Diligent is your middle name; you wake up every morning with a clear action plan and list of priorities that you tackle head on, and you also know how to re-prioritize at the drop of a hat when urgent needs shift (and in a high growth startup, they will definitely shift). You loathe stagnancy and find efficiencies in everything. You anticipate ahead of time when timelines are in jeopardy of falling off track, and you know when your time and tasks need to be prioritized amidst an onslaught of incoming needs.

For our largely remote work environment with talent being sourced globally (think time zones 15+ hours apart), there’s the fine art of scheduling—in the post 2020 work culture that we now find ourselves in, scheduling across hemispheres even for a 30 minute intro call is the norm, and the balancing act of respecting one’s time zone vs. making accommodations for stakeholders is delicate. It is all a part of our new remote and fully globalized digital world that you already mastered long before the pandemic and if not, then you certainly made yourself an expert by the end of March 2020.

What you’ll do:

  • Support Sr Mgr of Talent Acquisition in end-to-end recruiting strategy implementation through industry and market research, job postings, recruiting software implementation, and data collection and maintenance.
  • Support a thoughtful candidate experience through project management skills– tracking communications, diligently following up between internal and external parties on next steps, and keeping stakeholders informed.
  • Support internal team calendars + cross-coordinate to schedule recruiting interviews, ensuring calendar invites are clearly named, issued, and RSVP'd to.
  • Support efficiency of calendaring by proactively confirming and resolving conflicts that may arise as schedules shift between internal stakeholders and recruits.
  • Support Sr Mgr of Talent Acquisition in partnerships with external recruiting agencies– distributing agendas + taking notes in weeklies, tracking candidate submissions, and following up on next steps.
  • Diligently maintain recruiting software platform and job posting accounts with up-to-date job descriptions and relevant supporting information that reflects a galaxy-class recruitment process.
  • Diligently track all incoming submissions across recruiting pipelines in our recruiting software platform and ensure our candidates are being thoughtfully communicated with and considered, keeping hiring managers accountable for review + follow through.
  • Diligently maintain and organize internal drive folders with job descriptions, hiring plan briefs, and other tracking sheets to keep support hiring managers in their process.
  • Coordinate and distribute weekly recruiting updates / communications between hiring managers and Sr Mgr of Talent Acquisition

Who you are: 

  • 1-2 years of administrative and/or coordinator experience in high-volume environment requiring timely and effective communication between multiple parties/departments/external stakeholders.
  • Exceptional writer and communicator; impeccable grammar + spelling.
  • Effective manager of Google Calendar and Drives, and keen, detail-oriented ability to manage calendars and busy inboxes by taking action, tracking, and following up as needed.
  • Excellent communication, teamwork, interpersonal, and customer service skills; innate sense of professionalism, discretion, diplomacy, tact, and friendliness both in person and digitally.
  • Keen listener and recorder of instructions and details in fast-paced environment and ability to process and act on instructions quickly; fastidious follow-upper.
  • Extremely versatile and resourceful.
  • Meticulous project management skills.
  • Technologically savvy—GSuite, Asana, Slack, etc.
  • Comfortable working internationally across time zones and cultures.
  • Commitment to expanding our spectrum of diverse perspectives with informed, inclusive approach to communications, and challenging/being aware of unconscious bias.
  • Insatiably curious, kind and empathetic with an unrivaled work ethic.

Who we are:

We are a microbial sciences company developing applications of microbes for both human and environmental health. We are headquartered in Venice, California with a presence in New York, Colorado, Taipei, The Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. Our team, collaborators, and advisory board include scientists leading their field with breakthrough discoveries in various areas of microbiome research, as well as marketers, brand builders, operators and storytellers who have worked across disciplines from razors to rockets. 

We founded our consumer life science brand, Seed, to disrupt the $60B+ global probiotics market by bringing much-needed science, precision, efficacy and education to the crowded and confusing global landscape of ‘probiotics.’ With the Company’s Scientific Board of leading microbiome researchers, clinicians and academic partners, we develop therapies and probiotic innovations across gastroenterology, dermatology, oral hygiene, pediatrics, women’s health, and nutrition. Our brand is often recognized not just for our science, but for our commitment to science communication and design. We’ve won awards such as Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas” in 2019, 2020, and 2021; Time’sBest Inventions 2018,’ and a Webby for ‘Best Use of Stories on Instagram.’ 


You think in innovation. You live and aspirate formulation, informed by science. And not the marketing definition of science—but science, science. 

You are innately curious and interested in challenging the status quo, particularly when it comes to revolutionizing categories that thrive on misinformation and confusion. 

You have meticulous—borderline obsessive—attention to detail and understand how hundreds of small moving parts contribute to the overall success of a project (and ultimately, a product). You loathe inertia and you are particularly skilled at taking a high-level milestone/KPI and working with key team members to chart a granular, Asana board, with each small and large step firmly entrenched in its own cell with “Status” column next to it that you then track incessantly to keep the project on track. 

You are particularly adept at identifying relevant literature and resources, immersing yourself in the material, and coming out the other side as a newly minted expert. When you’ve been assigned to lead a project, you make it your mission to ensure every task and every follow up (compiled from all forms of communication—email, slack, Asana, Google sheet comments, or pixel-to-pixel meetings) is seen through to completion. Closing the loop is your motto; you apply gusto and unwavering dedication to every task––big and small, micro to macro, mundane to complex. 

Ideally, you have experience working in the life science or science-informed CPG across all phases of discovery to development to commercialization. You have results of launching multiple ingestible goods for humans. You excel within a small core team, sprinting through to meet aggressive timelines. More importantly, you are well-versed and capable of facilitating interactions and coordinating research, development, production, and scale up across internal and external teams (R+D partners, contract laboratories, and manufacturers). 

What you'll do:

  • Product Development Systems and Process

  • Report to and work directly with the VP of Product Development to assist in the management and execution across all pipeline innovations
  • Assist in the creation and management of development plans for each new product in the pipeline that includes all key development milestones
  • Generate reporting and cross-functional communication to ensure all stakeholders are informed
  • Build briefs to support the development pipeline and track timing for submission and revisions, managing internal team member evaluation through formula approval/lock
  • Track and maintain each project from ideation to execution including scoping out deliverables, requirements gathering, development, execution and quality assurance

  • Formulation and Product Development

  • Responsible for drafting Bill Of Materials and COG sheets, providing packaging size recommendations that meet the positioning and use profile strategy 
  • Forges and maintains outstanding working relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to supervise OKRs and to ensure adherence to timelines
  • Own and manage the coordination of product prototype / sampling and approval process across internal team members, external stakeholders and for insights research
  • Responsible for maintaining all product specs, standards, and documentation—from brief to prototype to pilot batches and production—dimensionalized to regulatory, quality, marketing, packaging, and operations metrics and criteria, through product commercialization
  • Support product finalization (formulation and testing) and associated documentation
  • Work collaboratively with R+D to conduct ingredient and assay diligence
  • Manages communications between outside testing labs and R&D and legal on protocols, clinical, and stability programs, claims substantiation, and new vendor onboarding processes
  • Assist in packaging development

  • Quality and Compliance

  • Assist with quality assurance activities and coordination of product testing and documentation 
  • Capture and track testing results and report back to interim VP of Product Development 
  • Stability, compatibility, safety and preservative challenge testing
  • Identify partners and aid in the development of methodology or revisions to existing protocols to meet target experimental endpoints
  • Assist with compliance activities and coordination with cross functional team members 

Who you are:

  • BA/BS/MS in Chemistry, Nutritional Sciences, Food Science, Food Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
  • 4+ years of proven results launching ingestible goods for humans
  • 4+ years in the in the food, dietary supplement, or OTC drugs industries with direct product development management experience 
  • Experience in Microbiology a plus


As a Product Manager, you will be responsible for defining and implementing changes that help Seed grow while staying loved by its members. You’ll be responsible for defining, planning, and delivering projects driving customer experience and improvements to the Seed platform. These might include member retention, onboarding, referrals, and internal tools.

You’ll bring technical know-how to our growing org, and you’ll excel at understanding subscription dynamics. You’ll communicate with our brand, marketing, R&D, care, finance, and other stakeholders to deliver projects in creative but structured ways. 

What you’ll do:

  • Improve ongoing customer experience and retention
  • Improve our internal tool ecosystem to support core services and integration points
  • Launch and iterate features that optimize conversion, pricing, cross-sell rates and ARPU
  • Collaborate on campaigns in partnership with Brand, and improve partnership tools and resources
  • Bring an informed digital product perspective around data analysis, discovery, prototyping, validation, and iteration

Who you are:

  • You have experience as a product manager working with growth, including conversion, experiments, and/or retention
  • You have experience working with a referral and/or loyalty program to scale growth and build customer ecosystems
  • You have 2-6 years of experience scaling e-commerce platforms working across engineering teams, product, care, brand and internal stakeholders
  • You’re data driven––you use data to make decisions and when you don’t have data, you search for anecdotal and qualitative information to gain insights
  • You are energized about taking the growing, changing problems at a rapidly growing company and clearly defining a path forward with your teammates
  • Bonus if you have built an ecommerce, international, or subscription experience with significant scale from <10MM to 250MM+

Your professional identity is a strangely incredible collection of product development experience across personal care, beauty, health, nutrition and the spectrum of CPG <......> OTC. You see the matrix across data, consumer insights, formulation, testing, brand, regulatory, channel and pricing strategy, trends and tailwinds, and gut instinct. You possess a unique ability to innovate inputs, connect all components, and deeply understand how category defining and creating breakthrough innovations are cultivated globally.

You have overseen extraordinary cross-functional teams, culminating in hero SKUs that have impacted humans all over the world and generated 9-figure revenue for brands. To achieve this, you were the steward of innovation experience, scientific translation, market knowledge, cost efficiencies, and a sprint-focused leadership style

Your proven ability and track record of managing and bringing a pipeline of cross-category innovations from discovery to market is unparalleled. Your obsessive pursuit of efficacy, education, and emotional connection is incessant and inspiring. Beyond product, you love to build cohesive, collaborative, cross-functional teams.

You promote a culture obsessed with process and rigor––one of proactivity and non-reactivity. Your strategy, planning and execution make Deloitte and McKinsey look like the Apple native Notes app.You loathe stagnancy and mediocrity. You find efficiency and opportunities for creativity in everything.

You are insatiably curious, kind and empathic with an unrivaled work ethic. Your worldview is not insular, but expansive. When we check your references, they will say, “I don’t know if you can get [insert your name here], but if you do, this will be one of the most impactful hires you ever make.”

Lastly, and most importantly, you love science and are driven by the potential to realize the potential of the microbiome—and how microbial applications will change, evolve and create new categories of health and personal care.

What you'll do: 

You will own the following areas across the entire innovation and commercialization pipeline: 

  • Building a galaxy-class internal development team and external partner ecosystem.
  • Craft tightly coordinated product development timelines and GTM schedules cross-functionally.
  • Cross-functional product development process across marketing, insights, industrial design, compliance and R+D to cultivate a unique human-obsessed, science-based approach. 
  • Deep coordination and collaboration with R+D regarding testing, formulation and human clinical research. 
  • Full ownership of formulation, experiential / sensorial aspects of each pipeline innovation. 
  • Coordination across insights, industrial design, packaging and product development to uphold sustainability goals, category leadership and innovation, and brand/design standards.
  • COGs target oversight and coordination on pricing strategy.
  • Lead all quality control testing, protocols, stability + reporting back to senior management. 
  • Responsible for all product prototyping and formulation approval.
  • Identification and communication with third party laboratories and contract manufacturers.
  • Support the product scale-up and transfer to supply chain.
  • Partner with COO, co-CEOs and Team Leads on multi-year, multi-category product roadmap and GTM. 

Research + Development

We are a VC-funded microbial sciences company developing applications of microbes for both human and environmental health. We are headquartered in Venice, California with a presence

in New York, Taipei, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. Our team, collaborators, and advisory board include scientists leading their field with breakthrough research in various areas of microbiome, as well as marketers, brand builders, operators and storytellers who have worked across disciplines from razors to rockets. 

We founded our consumer life science brand, Seed, to disrupt the $60B+ global probiotics market by bringing much-needed science, precision, efficacy and education to the crowded and confusing global landscape of ‘probiotics’. With the Company’s Scientific Board of leading microbiome researchers, clinicians and academic partners, we develop therapies and probiotic innovations across gastroenterology, dermatology, oral hygiene, pediatrics, women’s health, and nutrition. Our brand is often recognized not just for our science, but for our commitment to science communication and design. We’ve won awards such as Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas” in 2019, 2020, and 2021; Time’sBest Inventions 2018’, and a Webby for ‘Best Use of Stories on Instagram.’

Mission drives you to excel and the microbiome is something you’re deeply passionate about. You are among the top performers on your team right now but may be going through a slight existential crisis and in search of purpose. Ideally you miss being in the early stages of a breakthrough idea with world class scientists and thrive in the management and execution stages of a venture. You’re very experienced working on programs that have touched FDA clinical trials, operations, regulatory processes, CMC, FDA submissions & being part of a team to shepherd a drug or scientifically-oriented consumer product through the development gauntlet.

You have a proven track record of managing all aspects of clinical studies and a sharp understanding of timelines and regulatory pathways. You can strategize at a big- picture-level and execute tactically on plans with accelerated timelines. You lean into challenges and when you reach a wall, you scale it. Collaboration is key in working closely with Research Directors, Project Management, Product Development, and Clinical Operations to manage all clinical development activities.

You have direct experience designing and overseeing clinical development plans as part of a small core team with aggressive pipelines and high standards. You have managed and streamlined processes with research, operations, and leadership teams, and have provided guidance to internal and external collaborators. Most importantly, you exquisitely prioritize time, and possess an innate understanding of how the needs of one project impact another. While proficiency is important, you’re comfortable pushing things along with known uncertainties and have a process to quickly integrate key data points as they emerge.

What you'll do:

  • Set up systems and processes for managing an extended network of human clinical trials.
  • Oversee pipeline of 5-7 consumer trials per year with strong clinical and regulatory rigor.
  • Manage and develop protocols, case report forms and study related documents.
  • Manage clinical research execution partners including CROs and AROs
  • Collaborate w/Seed Health Research Directors on protocol design, endpoint selection, and statistical analysis plans. 
  • Due diligence and setup of new trial centers.
  • Lead Consumer clinical trial projects, strategy, infrastructure, etc.
  • Manage clinical operations, R&D project manager & report to Seed’s Co-CEOs for clinical trial updates.
  • Educate and train Investigators and site staff on clinical trials and their protocols.
  • Primary touchpoint for communication, timelines, cross-functional team leader spanning Research Directors, Biostats, Operations, Supply Chain for ensuring all aspects of the clinical trial are successfully executed.

Who you are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline, advanced degree preferred.
  • 7+ years of clinical development experience in a regulated environment, preferably with gut, skin, oral, nutrition, pediatric and/or women’s health drug or product development.
  • Working knowledge of ICH-GCP, company standard operating procedures, local laws and regulations, assigned protocols and associated protocol specific procedures including monitoring guidelines
  • Experience with clinical-medical writing (protocols, CSRs, patient safety narratives, regulatory documents, slide development)

Things you should have done in your career:

  • Designed, authored and provided clinical and medical oversight for early and late phase clinical trials.
  • Vendor/CRO management from contracts to study oversight in collaboration w/clinical operations, quality assurance and audits.
  • Collaborated w/research teams on endpoint development.
  • Provided support to regulatory submissions; data review, cleaning and analysis (including preparation for interim analyses and database lock).
  • Provided safety and pharmacovigilance oversight to the clinical development process.
  • Led or supported strategic clinical trial strategy to achieve scientific & commercial milestones.


You think in innovation and flawless execution. You are innately curious, autonomous, and interested in developing and driving tangible change across a department rooted in science.You have meticulous attention to detail and understand how hundreds of small moving parts contribute to the overall success of a program (and ultimately a product). You can see through the matrix, bridge the gap before it happens, and flawlessly map processes across functions from discovery through regulatory to clinical outcomes. You’re particularly skilled at taking a high-level milestone/KPI and charting a precise path forward, pulling in key stakeholders, information, and decision points along the way. You excel within a small core team, sprinting through to meet aggressive timelines. Accountability is in your DNA and you are a champion for ensuring clear and transparent communication with internal team members and external stakeholders. 

You are particularly adept at leading the design and implementation of a robust cross-functional development strategy and possess excellent knowledge of deliverables at each stage of an early development pipeline. You have a proven track record of driving a diverse team to advance program development with a strategic, scientific, and portfolio perspective. Ideally, you have experience working in the life science or science-informed CPG across all phases of discovery to clinical to CMC needs. You treat the coordination of research, KOL review, hypothesis generation and validation, and data generation like an art form with the perfect balance of wisdom, experience, strategic vision, urgency, and judgment.

What You’ll Do

  • Report to and work directly with the CSO to drive the management and execution of several R+D pipeline programs as they transition from discovery to early development and through clinical validation.
  • Ensure strategic plans and decisions are considered and evaluated, weighing speed, cost, and probability of technical and regulatory success.
  • Ensure cross-functional matrix decisions are aligned with company product development roadmap. 
  • Adopt leadership of new product concepts upon hypothesis validation, and drive the generation of a complete data package in support of further productization.
  • Pursue flawless execution and hand-off across regulatory, CMC, clinical, tox/safety, Science/KOL, and marketing functions.
  • Drive effective decision-making, ensure alignment and execute feedback regarding go / no go decisions. Present options and recommendations for assigned programs at key inflection points to R+D leadership for final decision.
  • Ensure assigned programs are appropriately resourced and timelines and budgets are proactively managed. Provide clarity and transparency on changes and potential tradeoffs in development. 
  • Lead the clinical publication strategy related to the programs as they complete early development.



  • A PhD degree or equivalent experience in life sciences / microbiome experience is a plus
  • At least 10 years of industry experience in product development, preferably in both non-clinical and early clinical development with consumer product 

You have meticulous, borderline obsessive, attention to detail and understand how hundreds of small moving parts contribute to the overall success of a project. You loathe inertia and are particularly skilled at taking a high level milestone and working with the key team members to chart out a path forward, step by step, to keep momentum moving. You treat the coordination of research, development, production, scale-up, and testing like an art form with the perfect balance of wisdom, experience, strategic vision, urgency, and judgement. Nothing ever falls between the cracks and even if a project is temporarily deprioritized, it’s never lost. The world doesn’t always value project management enough. Fortunately, we do.

You also understand the medium is the message; communication (stand-ups, emails, Asana tasks, how meetings are structured, etc.) and the tools we use to communicate—are the difference between OK coordination and the ability to achieve more than we can dream up with a lean, productive team.

Ideally, you have direct experience overseeing projects as part of a small core team with aggressive timelines within the life sciences industry (but we are not myopic and believe if the first two paragraphs sing to you, you wouldn’t hesitate to apply). You have managed and streamlined processes with research, operations teams, and leadership teams, and have had to think about every aspect of a project, most importantly the prioritization of time, and how the needs of one project impact another. While proficiency is important, you’re comfortable pushing things along with known uncertainties and have a process to quickly and reproducibly integrate key data points as they emerge.

You are resourceful, solve problems, and anticipate them before they even arise. You pride yourself on translating abstraction into order. You can run sprints across teams and infuse a sense of urgency into each minute of the work day. Every single meeting has an agenda circulated and a follow-up email ready to go within minutes of wrapping up—and most importantly these touch points do not feel administrative but an opportunity to surprise and delight each step of the way. At times, your email may be the best crafted and most memorable in an external partner or scientist’s inbox that day.

At all times you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening across research and development. At a high level, you can look at where we’re headed and what will scale and right up close, can see what needs to be done to deliver on even the smallest deliverable. No detail too small and no part of the dream too big.

What you’ll do:

  • Manage each project from ideation to execution including scoping out deliverables, requirements gathering, development, execution and quality assurance
  • Project manage scientific milestones including but not limited to paper publications, technical decks, clinical trials, regulatory filings, and scale-up
  • Ensure R+D documents are tracked, integrated, updated, and intuitively organized in Google Drive. Capture weekly progress to ensure Drive is up-to-date and always ready for diligence
  • Work directly with the leadership team to define the scope of work and plan for each project
  • Coordinate external team and track progress between weekly meetings with scientists. Facilitate and manage all communication between internal team members and methodically organize weekly progress across all R+D into action items and priorities for integration into Asana
  • Proactively tackle potential questions, delays or conflicts and communicate status updates to the Director of R+D and CEOs
  • Own scheduling for project kick off meetings and facilitate regular internal review meetings to correspond to timelines
  • Document change orders, meeting notes, weekly status updates and project timelines
  • Follow/create new project flow procedures to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Identify opportunities to improve process
  • Track projects through the workflow process and update across the team in relation to meeting deadlines and next step
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